Creminelli Award Winning Salami (4)

Creminelli Award Winning Salami 4-Pack
$39.99 $60.00 33% off List Price
Sopressata Handcrafted Italian Salami, 6 oz Piece 2-Pack
Wild Boar Salami, 6 oz Piece 2-Pack


These are right in there with Candy Basket salted caramels and Beehive cheese, just a touch down from the Balsamic that had better make an appearance soon!
Yup, got mine already, just finished up my wild boar last week.

I’d be in if it weren’t for the “natural flavors.” I value transparency and am not a fan of such vague information.

Yeah I would have preferred that it say “Artifical Flavors” instead, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!




Safe travels to all!!

$40 for 24 oz of salami? Steer clear folks… I’ve had these before and they were nearly half of this price. They were incredibly hard… You could bend nails with them. I sliced them paper thin and they were still incredibly hard and tough to chew. And the flavor was not great either… Basically petrified pork with very little else… No spices to speak of. Maybe the first time I got them they were old desiccated stock… The supposed 7 oz versions I bought checked in at all less than that… The worst was 4.8 oz. That was the wild boar truffle version… I was extremely disappointed. Do yourself a huge favor and buy anything from molinari over these… I’ve had countless better salamis in the past so I’m by no means a novice salume buyer… Even delallo makes a better product at 1/4 the price… These rank among my worst woot purchases of all time. I rarely voice my opinion on discussion boards but these were so exceptionally poor I hope that anyone who is on the fence about spending $45 for a pound and a half of salami will steer clear… Go get yourself 3 lobsters or two big thick USDA prime steaks… If you want to treat yourself to something special, this is not the buy for you. I fed half to the dogs with their dry food… Guess what was still there in the morning? “Award winning” salami.

Can you send this to a boy in the army?


Wine.Woot ships to the 48 contiguous states. I’m not sure how it would do for a long overseas shipment (assuming that’s what you were talking about). Sorry.

I was just about to order these, but ur unequivocally harsh review changed my mind.

Just bought one of these from Whole foods for $7.99. They had all the versions in this pack for <$10. Not a deal.

Writing in from Creminelli here. This is an understandable concern - here’s why we do it. The listing of spices and natural flavors (typically extracts or reductions of spices, fruits or vegetables) are what allow Cristiano Creminelli to keep confidential his prized family treasure of recipes. What I can tell you is that these things are used for flavor and have no nutritional value or allergens. That said, if you want the recipe you’re going to have to go through Grandma Creminelli and that’s going to be tough, rest her soul.

Thanks for picking us up at Whole Foods and Happy Thanksgiving! The deal is you get the Wild Boar salami which is typically $17.99 and up per piece at retail at a discount by buying it direct. The Sopressata is typically $11.99 at retail including Whole Foods. It’s a little larger than what you purchased.

We take great care in handcrafting each salami. The product has been favorably recognized by a list of people that makes us, well, proud. However, what happens once it leaves our hands is something we don’t always successfully control. The product gets too hot, too cold, too humid, etc. When these anomalous circumstances occur that affect the quality of the product we happily replace it…which is something else we’re very proud of.

Sounds like you had a bad experience and it’s still bothering you a little. You know, bad things can happen to a good salami. Why don’t you let us replace it?

That’s a great offer and should alleviate any concerns people have. You are obviously willing to stand behind your product.

What I really want to know though, what is on the Creminelli Thanksgiving table, and can I come over next year?

+1 and +1.

… and that is not at all congruent with the Creminelli I’ve purchased and enjoyed in the past, especially the Wild Boar.
As a hunter in CA, bow and black-powder, we enjoy the taste of products that haven’t been ‘raised’ over that of those that are feed-lot specials.

With only a few states not lit up, clearly many do appreciate your salami.

I had a similar experience to that above poster. I ordered a similar pack of these salami a few months ago. All of them were hard as rocks and difficult to chew. I was not happy at all. I have never commented on a woot post until now, but I felt so strongly about this that I felt the need to.

I can attest to how incredibly delicious this salami is. I get it at Whole Foods usually, and stocked up on the sale they had this month. I have not had the pleasure of trying the Wild Boar and this is tempting me. My favorites are the Sopressata and the Cacciatore.