Creminelli Porchetta Pork Roast

Creminelli Porchetta: The Ultimate Pork Roast, 4lbs
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Creminelli Porchetta Seasoned Boneless Pork Roast, 4 lbs

Is the expiration date really 2016? Please look into it?


Is it refurbished?

Is that the most unappetizing food picture evar?! It looks like cracked concrete.

Those expiration dates are all relative. What does not kill you makes you stronger. Buck up.

Sorry, I didn’t know how dates worked…it should be 2017.

I am lucky, I have a local restaurant that makes a porchetta using pork belly. Really awesome

Snagged one. Thanks, newsletter!

$15/lb. for a pork roast? Must be special.

That what this is, belly stuffed with sirloin. Thinking I might have to try this

Anyone know how this is packaged/shipped?

This will ship frozen with an ice pack. Will need to continue to thaw prior to cooking. This is fully cooked and can be eaten cold or better yet, roasted to re-heat and crisp the skin. Remove from packaging (vac sealed), including the cloth which is used to protect the skin and keep rolled during the original cook - allows you to re-roast and get skin to that crispy deliciousness. about 400 degrees until hot; belly fat renders a bit and allows the skin to crisp. multiple textures. Serve with a salsa verde for an authentic experience.

ABF Sirloin and shoulder rolled in organic herbs and spices then wrapped with belly and roasted.

No comment on the photo but getting that skin crispy to the point that the crunchy texture with the succulent roasted belly and meaty center is a beautiful mix of texture and unbelievable flavor symphony.

ABF free roaming and 100% vegetarian fed heritage pork in a delicious ready to re-heat porchetta package.

Thanks for all of the info!

I doubt you can find real porchetta too many places in the US and Creminelli products are top notch in my opinion.

My mother was born and raised in Rome, Italy. When we used to go there to visit, street vendors would sell porchetta from carts, served cold. I was never a big fan but my sister loves the stuff. I sent her one of these from a previous offer and she really enjoyed it, she heated it before serving. I’d say that is a very solid recommendation.

By the way, I paid $79.99 + $5.00 shipping when this was offered in 2013, so this is a screaming deal at this price. I just ordered another one for my sister.

Chance of delivery before T-giving?

Yes, I would jump on this if I could be guaranteed delivery before Thanksgiving