Creminelli Salami 6-Pack Sampler

Creminelli Salami 6-Pack Sampler
$49.99 $70.00 29% off List Price
(2) Campania Handcrafted Italian Salami, 5.0 oz
(2) Casalingo Handcrafted Italian Salami, 5.0 oz
(2) Tartufo Handcrafted Italian Salami, 5.5 oz

I have to chime in here with my downvote for this product. I purchased last year prior to xmas because all the positive and glowing reviews. I was disappointed to say the least. If you care, here’s a link to my synopsis.

After me another Wooter posted about their bad experience too. Just want all sides to be represented.

Well we have to agree with ‘AgentSmith5150’ comment on this offer, maybe are palates lack the sophistication needed, but we truly enjoyed this purchase from, Molinari & Sons Italian Dry Salame and Vella Cheese Combo 4-Pack. Just say’in.

That was a great deal!

Hi guys. You must be way too far in my head that I couldn’t sleep until I checked the Wine site.

Anyway, I just pinged the developers to take a look at the problem. Please stand by.

UPDATE: Fixed! Order away.

And I was just applauding our new no non-wine Thursdays and this pops up. Looks like I spoke to soon. I’ll check back tomorrow night.

I strongly suggest staying away from this deal. Last time I ordered Creminelli through Woot everyone received them after 4-6 weeks… mine were on a truck for 7+ days and arrived with an internal temperature near 90F, ruining the salami. Woot Customer Service indicated the manufacturer had no replacement available to ship me, despite the same salami being listed as available on Creminelli’s website. Finally, Woot refused (initially) to issue a refund until the ‘defective’ product arrived at their facility, more than 2 months after ordering and paying.

As delicious as the salami is, I’ll just buy it for a slightly higher price at a local Whole Foods and save the hassle.

$25 bucks a pound? I think you’ll do much better at a local store. I know Sam’s Club has pretty sweet meat samplers.

I’m waiting for the Balsalmic Vinegar again… running low on the delicioso.

In case it’s now a question – this is good salami.

just keeping you guessing!

Very sorry to hear this happened. I can tell you that the intent of every package then and in this new sale is to have no more than 2 day transit nation wide. anything more than that and something went awry. support@woot will refund accordingly (should).

Any idea when this will ship, or arrival date projected for SoCal? We’d need to figure out which place to send to…

If this stuff isn’t being shipped with some refrigeration or in the middle of winter I’d give it a pass. I tried a sampler some time back, shipped to Florida and it was definitely spoiled. I regret not making an issue at the time, but I won’t get any food from woot for that reason.

That definitely wasn’t an ideal experience, so sorry you had experience us when we weren’t at our best. Since then, we uncovered the problems on our end and have fixed them and this year has been up to our high standards - we take so much care into curing the meat, the experience should be exceptional. Shipping will all be 2-day at the minimum.

We’ve been getting great feedback from our customers and even won a food award since last time you ordered.

If we could only send over the scents from our curing cells - absolutely beautiful!

Sorry for the bad shipping experience last time around. It’s not the best way to experience the salami. This time around it won’t take 7 days to enjoy the salami at its prime.

Is that a salami in your cart, or are you just happy to see me?

It cracks me up that there’s a lot of wooters in Utah buying this because they’re manufactured in Utah