Creminelli Whole Leg Prosciutto

Creminelli Whole Leg Prosciutto

Cool, so if we buy this and the fake leg, we’ll have a whole pair?

make a fashionable lamp AND a tasty snack

If you’re vegetarian, one fashionable lamp and one eventually-social-distancing-compelling one!

How long will this last refrigerated at appx 50 Fahrenheit?

Creminelli would answer this best, but I have kept them for many months refrigerated in their original sealed plastic wrapping.

When I do open them, I cut the ham down into more manageable size and store the smaller portions in FoodSaver vacuum bags back in the frig. I have never had a problem with prosciutto kept this way. I generally slice it paper thin on a Globe Slicer to serve, and I keep a smaller amount sliced ready for quick service in an ordinary freezer type zip lock bag in the refrigerator. I usually eat some every day that way and use it in other ways as well.

This is fantastic ham in my book. However, be aware that this is a large ham. Though it is boneless and flatter than an ordinary ham, it will take up a good bit of room in your frig if left whole. So be prepared for that.