Crescent 5 Piece Locking Pliers Set

Crescent 5 Piece Locking Pliers Set

The model number is CLP5SETN and I bought 2 sets when Amazon had them for $35.94 back in mid-February.

Tomorrow I’m expecting to see a skill saw made by Sawzall.

I love the “appclusive” requirement to download and install the Woot App. What a great time where people are putting barriers in the way of purchasing stuff. Tell you what WOOT… How about no thank you. Anything you don’t want to sell, feel free to make it an Appclusive deal. I will be happy not to buy it. What a hair-brained idea whoever in Wootville Marketing came up with that.

Thanks for the feedback.

Luckily, we’re not twisting your arm. :smiley:

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Yes… but you are making the site less and less inviting every year. When I started here in 2009 it was a lot different and it just keeps getting worse.

I get it but a company has a right to change to keep up with the competition.

This kind of change?

I am all good with some change. … and I purchased a lot of stuff even after the old woot was changed… but I don’t get telling an Amazon Prime member, with over 100 woots to go download an app to buy something. It just doesn’t seem well thought out. But it’s not like I really need anything, and as you said, no one is twisting my arm. (Froodyfrog - thanks fore the that was awesome!)

Are you twisting our thighs tho?

I’m scared of the thighs!

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Different size. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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