Crescent RapidSlide & RapidRench Bundle

Rapid Wrench for $15.29 at Sears

RapidSlide for $11.99 at Sears

(edit: +tax = $29.53)

Not a very good deal if you live in Texas ($26.65 after tax and shipping from Woot)

Sold separately on Amazon (prime eligible) for a combined amount of about $32, so this is not a great buy. Moreover, reviews are at best average. One reviewer reported actually breaking the crescent wrench, not a good sign, and one reported the socket version gripped so poorly it rounded the head, making it a poor choice for all but light work in comparison to a true socket wrench. I was tempted because I like interesting tools, but will pass on this one.

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I have the Crescent RapidSlide, I do not recommend it. It doesn’t grip well, too loose. I’ve barely used it, just a poor design.

AND… Sears will guarantee their stuff for life… worth a couple of bucks more compared to the 1 year warranty from Crescent which is probably made in China.

Sears guarantees Craftsman hand tools for life. These are made by Crescent so no life time guarantee.

From Wikipedia:

Until 2011, Crescent Brand Wrenches were manufactured in the United States; however, in 2011, production of Crescent wrenches was offshored to China.

I have had the Rapid wrench for a while and love it! It’s true that if you aren’t careful you will round a bolt. It replaced all of my small to medium metric and standard sockets, for most jobs at least.

I can’t speak for the other tool.

These are ok for sissy jobs but if you need a real tool then you better stay away from this “deal”.

Well, that’s a sad story. I have the slide wrench, have been using it as my primary wrench for the past 6 or 7 years. Same one, has held up great. A little heavier than the standard 8" adjustable, but worth it for the speed of adjustment.

I just saw a story on TV last night that Sears used to buy this from the man that invented it…He really grew his business…then Sears started having them made in China and the inventer has had to lay off 30 people, most of his employees. He is claiming Sears stole his invention and is having it made in China. Sears says it’s a different tool…they did a comparison. Yeah,right.

Yeah, it’s a trade-off. Convenience for lousy performance.

Agree. I’ve had one for a few years now with similar problems. Okay if you only have to do 1 bolt every now and then but that is about it. The slide tends to get stuck occasionally and you have to back it off and close it again to keep it gripping.

You do know that the Craftsman tools you get in Sears are made in China, right?

Great resource for Made in the USA products:

I think you’re thinking of the Loggerhead Bionic Wrench and the Craftsman Max Axxess tools, and not these tools.

Many Craftsman tools (like screwdrivers, sockets, etc) are made in the US still but many are not - you have to look at each one. I don’t think any of their power tools are made here anymore.

I refer to often - it is a great resource!

I played with one of these at the hardware store yesterday. The mechanism works, but honestly felt a little flimsy. Wouldn’t buy.

I can only begin to imagine how many bolts will be partially or fully rounded off by these tools (ESPECIALLY the RapidRench). If you are going to buy china just buy a real $10 6 point socket set from Harbor Freight please.

Happens all the time, every day. Many of the products you know and love were stolen from their original inventors by a large corporation. Lego, for example, was stolen from a British company called Kiddiecraft.

However, these are Crescent and have nothing to do with Sears, other than Sears is one retailer that sells them.