Crimestopper Fortin Updater

Crimestopper Fortin Updater

Geez. I don’t even understand what the heck this even is. Or does.

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It has something to do with cars.

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This updates the flash for specific settings on third party Fortin products with your specific car.

Fortin makes remote starts, locks/unlocks, and long distance remotes.

Let me be very clear, this is not… NOT… to be used with MagnaVolt Lethal Response security systems.


It wasn’t that long ago that I learned that Tom Selleck wasn’t MacGyver and that neither drove the “talking car”. 3 separate shows, apparently. Hands down, this has best intro music.

Wait, what? How are you confusing Magnum, MacGyver, and Knight Rider? I mean, sure … Airwolf throws a wrinkle in it as does Viper, the A-Team, and CHIPs, but come on now.

FYI - KnightRider does not live up on rewatch. Magnum sort of does, and CHIPs tries.

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They were way before my time. I have memories of my relatives talking about it and maybe random clips. Okay, I know A-team because of Mr T. And I know CHIPS and Eric Estrada, not sure why exactly. I don’t know Airwolf or Viper.

Dodge Viper & Corvette Stingray- but those are cars

Maybe I’ll check out the classics, which ones are those?