Critical Hit Dealer

Dodecahedron clan champion!

Fun, great pose and personality plus the phenomenal odysseyroc coloring touch.

This shirt puts the roll in roleplay.

/do want

Keepin’ it classy on a critical hit.
Got mah pinky in the air while I’m wreckin’ dat… stuff.

I dont understand how all these special shirts say price is $7 and free shipping but still wants to charge you $5 for shipping ar check out

Brilliant colors, shirt.

This shirt is for the game Magic, correct?

Just got the 5th edition book for my birthday- Might have to make this my new DM shirt- :smiley:

Awesome work man- those colors are ace.

It’s a problem with our mobile app. We’re working on updating it so it will show the correct information.

It’s $7 and you can now use the Woot cart to add more items for the same $5 shipping.

It’s more a D&D shirt 'cuz you roll dice to hit enemies and determine other stats and junk. In Magic you usually use a D20 just for keeping track of your health.

I’m rollin’ 20’s.


This design makes me want to try halftones. There’s texture to it-beautiful!