CRKT 6480 Pazoda Folding Knife

These make nice gifts, and woot! appears to have a million of them.

I grabbed one of this a few weeks ago from Woot; very pleased with them! I’m tempted to get some for friends!

Well, not any more… :tongue:

This is a nice little all-purpose knife, I bought it during the last Woot-Off. It’s been in service cutting wires and cables, and I’m buying more today. I don’t really need it, mine is still plenty sharp, but always good to have extras, especially at this price!

how do you close this knife once you open it? can’t find the button to close it.

Love this knife! Got it at a Woot! off not too long ago. I got the non-serrated one. It opens very easily and fits nicely in my small pockets! Perfect knife for that woman in your life!

There is no button. I don’t have mine handy right now so I’m going from memory. There is a metal tab near the hinge in the slot where the blade goes. User your thumb to push the tab to the side and then start to fold the knife down.

If you look at the 2nd picture here: PAZODA™

You can see the tab I’m talking about. It has the serrations.

It’s a simple mechanism. Flip it upside down (blade up) and look where the blade meets the case (the pivot point). There’s a ridged spot there where you put your thumb and push to the side. Don’t cut your thumb off.

I gave away several of these as gifts this past Xmas. Great little knives.

This knife is junk. I bought some in a woot off a while back and was very disappointed. My first CRKT experience and it was a bad one! The blade on one does not lock. I pulled another one out of the package and it seems to work, but this shows some poor quality control. They are Chinese, in case anyone was wondering. I usually buy any knife woot has. I’ll be passing on this one, again.

There is a warranty with them.

This is a common issue on cheaper frame-lock knives. Considering it’s a $15 knife this is not unexpected. It should lock properly if you push the lock tab further to cover the blade hinge.

Can’t really judge a brand based on the lowest end of its line. It actually is better than most other knives in the same price range. (China made Buck and Schrade anyone?)

This is good value though, I’m getting a couple as back-ups to keep in my Car and my BOB. (back-ups to my EDC Spyder folder and my fixed blades Ka-Bar and Mora) But I wouldn’t really depend on it as my main knife.

bought these a while ago…

blade is pretty damn good for 8 bucks. mine is still pretty sharp though it may need a sharpening soon

I got one of these recently. For $8 you can’t really beat it. It’s a nice size, decent blade, seems pretty sturdy, lifetime warranty, etc.
If you want to get picky, the locking mechanism isn’t the greatest, and the blade could be sharper (although sharpening it yourself could fix that).
Like I said though, for the money you really can’t go wrong.

Ha! Check it out on You Tube. I had the same question when I got one a few Woot!-Offs ago. I was giving it as a gift to my husband, but of course I had to check it out first! Well, I opened the knife and could NOT figure out how to close it. I wrapped the empty box! But I did find a few videos on YouTube that were helpful in the end.

It’s really got a nice feel to it. A little larger than my husband usually likes in a knife, but he said it’s growing on him.

Bought three of these last time around and gave them away as Christmas gifts, they were a HUGE hit. They’re very well made especially for this price. Now I have to get some for myself though.

Nice little knives. I bought two last time because I wanted something a little smaller than my Kershaw Vapor that I was carrying.

These CRKT Pazodas are nice and sharp, like the Vapor, but these are really a bit too small to feel right in your hand. Also, the blade is not heavy enough, even after loosening, to flick open nicely, so I’ve returned to carrying the Kershaw.

Another thing… when I tried to disassemble the Pazoda, the screws stripped. They are nice for gifts and for purses, priced right, and nobody will laugh at you for carrying a CRKT… good brand wherever they’re made.

Wouldn’t that just make the size issue worse though?

That is a man’s way of saying Ya aint getting that back lol ,:wink: