CRKT 9060K Zilla Tool - Black

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CRKT 9060K Zilla Tool - Black
Price: $22.99
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Condition: New


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CRKT Are the only knives I’ll buy anymore at this price point. I have yet to have a CRKT blade let me down (compared to others in this price point).

However, word to the wise. As is frequently the case these days, if you have prime this is identical/better deal via Amazon.

Hesitant to buy this. I have two CRKT blades from woot. My Shrimp is great little folder but the quality is subpar, the blade does not rest centered in the handle after about two months of use and the scales are not aligned. I also have a three inch CRKT that has a poor finish on it. All the Kershaw blades I’ve bought here are much better quality.

This is a cool little tool however and I might replace my Kershaw Select Fire tool with it as I would really like the pliers functionality. I just need to convince myself soon before this sells out

I have both this and the mini. This one and the Zilla tool Jr. love them both. This one is very hefty, not so much of a daily carry for me. I carry the Jr. every where I go though.

I just got a Skeletool a couple months ago, and the blade on that has impressed the hell out of me. How does this guy stack up to one of those?

I already have one of this on other brand but this one looks better. Thanks for sharing.

I hope they sell enough of these so they can buy that guy a microphone… Sounds like he’s phoning it in from the “throne.”

I am not seeing any Prime “eligible”. All I see is $8 cheaper, includes shipping costs.

yeah, at least it wasn’t vertical-video fail.

They don’t like to show the thing folded for storage all by its lonesome…

Not sure why one would prefer this to a SOG, Gerber, or Leatherman multi tool.

I own both and I’d say that the tool quality on the Zilla is good (sturdy, well built), but the problem is really the weight/functionality aspect. The Zilla has to be at least twice as bulky/heavy as the skeletool, and it really only has a couple of screwdriver bits, one blade, and a pair of pliers. I virtually never use my Zilla and I absolutely love my Skeletool. That said, the Zilla is probably ideal for an emergency glovebox item or something you don’t expect to actually carry around, as the four tools it has are some of the most versatile.

Can buy on Ebay for $27.00 No Tax and free shipping… How is this a good deal?

Ohhhh holey kniiiife
The scars are brightly shining

And Amazon, will ship to NYC :slight_smile: