CRKT Amicus® Triple Point™ Serrations Knife

I carry 6 or 7 knives all of the time - 3 in my trousers and 3 or 4 in my man purse. Honestly. And, I will say that this is one heckuva good knife for the money - 8Cr and 58-60 hardness? Great all around combination.

Agreed. I bought three the last time they them here for $15 each which was a great deal. I would prefer a plain edge but all-around a great knife for the money. Tempted to buy a few more but I have 3 and they were even cheaper last time around.

Also bought ten of the Morikniv Craftline here a few weeks ago for five dollars a pop, another great deal. Luckily, most of the deals here are pretty meh most of the time or I would be bankrupt.