CRKT Chanceinhell 18" Machete with Sheath

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CRKT Chanceinhell 18" Machete with Sheath
Price: $37.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Nov 17 to Monday, Nov 20) + transit
Condition: New


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Imported?..does no one use Hamericunn steel anymore?

Sure but how much are you willing to pay?

Oh goody, another ninja-poser accessory. Coated crap like this looks decent—right up until the 1st time you actually USE it, then it’s all scratched up. REAL machetes aren’t coated. But don’t worry, since you’ll never really use it, it’ll look badass on your mom’s basement wall all the way through your 40s.

Funny, cuz it’s true.

That’s not a knife! This, this is a knife.

Do the scratches make it less effective on trolls who claim familiarity with “REAL machetes”?

-Sent from my mom’s basement

I just googled Hamericunn steel. I am an idiot.

The “222 reviews” linked to on Amazon are for a different knife. This model has no reviews. What gives?

Hamericunn steel is made with pig iron.

“carve, sever, hack, notch, slice, nick, whittle, cleave, dissect, cube, stab, skin, scrape, shave, bore, perforate, open, tear asunder, chip, slash, prick, gouge, halve, slit, score, gash, trim, hew, mangle, mince…”

I just want it to cut, will it do that too?

I think cut qualifies as slice and sever.

This happens when Amazon puts more than one item on a page. The reviews for all items are mixed together.

Page on Amazon

That’s going to be true of the majority of knife purchases.

But about this machete, I don’t really care about the powder coating because all coating on all knives comes off with use. The powder coating is kind of a telltale as what kind of knife-user/owner this person is.

They chose a good steel as it hits all the points - good for high impact activities, not too hard or it becomes brittle and hard to sharpen in the field, and low cost enough for this price point. 1095 is better but you’ll end up paying more.