CRKT Chanceinhell Machete

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CRKT Chanceinhell Machete
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Kershaw Camp Knife is the same length and quality but the CRKT is only 1/8" thick blade where the Kershaw is 3/16" thick which is more than double the thickness. The CRKT is nice for it’s weight if you want to chop through some small areas but if you plan on cutting wood, this is far too thin to get the job done. The Kershaw will simply do a better job and is more than twice the blade for only $9 more. Kershaw has better reviews overall.


If you want to go to the $60 range you can get the Condor Golok which is considered one of the greatest machetes ever made in the sub $100 price range. It is also 4/16" thick which is the thickest of the blades mentioned in my post.

Lastly it’s important to know how to sharpen your blade as you should be sharpening it after every other use. The cost of owning these blades quickly goes up when you have to buy diamond sharpening stones.

Out of curiosity what’s considered the best overall machete?

I mean for actual use and durability, produced in quantities of more than handmade would allow.

Not because it was handmade in a charcoal forge at a monastery in Tibet by a blind Monk that attained enlightenment upon the final hammer strike.

1/8" = 2/16"
2/16" * 2 = 4/16"
4/16" is larger than 3/16".
The Kershaw is not “more than double” the thickness.

Check out Stihl or Husqvarna’s lineup :wink:

It depends on what you’re using one for. A brush machete is different than a tree machete (blade thickness and shape) Ka-Bar and Condor make very good products for Sub-$100

His NAME is Brother Methias and we are VERY proud of him, you uncultured swine.
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I see you cut to the chase and got to the point immediately with that response…

Brother Methias’s knife was pretty sharp. We all thought he was very cleaver.

Can anyone comment of its use to open coconuts? I’m on a deserted island and this ice skate just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Will this hold up to Bamboo (maybe 1" - 1.5" in diameter)?

I have a condor machete ( that works fine on brush, but gets edge rolls vs the bamboo in my backyard.

I know someone already pointed out the math error, but it would be correct to say that the Kershaw you mentioned is 50% thicker than this CRKT.

There is no best machete, nor is there one company best at making machetes. Length, thickness, edge geometry and blade shape all play a roll in what you need. Gavilan makes great machetes and can be found for less than $20 shipped.

I gave up on using a machete on my backyard bamboo infestation for the same reason. Get a decent set of loppers for the smaller stalks. For the bigger ones I tried my cordless reciprocating saw and never looked back. It’s much faster, cuts cleanly and flat (no spiky bits left over to impale yourself on) and doesn’t wear out my hand and arm.

Received mine today. This thing is sweet.