CRKT Halligan Sweet K.I.S.S. Knife

I wish CRKT had put at least a minimalist guard (see the Kershaw Dune) on this thing. There is no finger choil or jimping to keep your hand from sliding up the handle to the blade either. Granted the steel on this one is much better than the Dune, it’s a tanto design. It’s meant for stabbing, yet offers little protection.

You are precisely correct.

I picked one up the last time it came around, and your right your hand could slip because not only is there no guard the Glass-Reinforced Nylon handle is not grippy its slick. Doesn’t not give me confidence.
On the plus side the handle is replaceable, but there is no aftermarket yet, unless you custom make your own. Overall cool little knife just wish it had a better handle.

So it hangs around your neck with the point aimed up - at your neck? What could go wrong??

Not recommended for those prone to tripping over their own feet.

Cool knife but the handle is too small to hold properly, maybe my hands are just too big. I just want to warn you guys, you better hold it tight if you plan on stabbing something.