CRKT Ignitor / Get-A-Way Driver Set

Terrible, regret waste of money.
Knife: The release button takes about 10# of pressure, concentrated on a less than 1/4" on your thumb. I have good callouses, but not that good.
Driver had loose grip on the extender, it shed from my key chain the first hour and was lost forever.

I’m really sorry to hear about your experience. If you haven’t already, please use the Support Form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

FAQ:If you buy something you don’t end up liking (e.g. size, color, fit, etc.), you have what marketing people call "buyer’s remorse.

So I am not asking Woot to fix it, just sharing my product reaction for others to ponder before deciding to buy.

Amen to forget about support. I bought a Dell laptop for my daughters college a while back with a warranty on a laptop that did not work straight out of the box. I contacted Dell and they ran the identity code and said it was not covered under their warranty. They offloaded these laptops to a discounter with no warranty; however, Woots selling info clearly stated a warranty by Dell. I was told to contact the seller (Woot) and they just gave me the complete run around. At some point your time is more valuable than the cost. Unfortunately one bad deal of several hundred dollars undermines your savings with Woot. I still make purchases from time to time’ however, not on as many computer as I use to purchase. I am a big purchaser of Amazon just about any department with nothing but great reviews. The one issue I had they fixed in two days. What more could you wish for. Woot is just not that way. If there is such a person at Woot willing to make a wrong a right, contact me and I will get you the particulars of the deal where Dell stated Woot was responsible for the warranty and Woot just gave me the run around. Either way I have spent a ton of money all over this website with just this one significant burn. Woot, if you plan to contact me, leave a message on my cell. Your emails get blocked by my companies spam blocker. As you can see by my number of quality posts, I do not complain or warn people from buying things on Woot or Amazon. Amazon has always given me 100% support on any issues within two days even on refurbishes items not as described on rare occasions. I am ranting on this post to see if a bad deal I just did not have the time to argue about will be made whole. I will report back if it is corrected just like Amazon deals. Cheers to everyone and Happy Woot Off. I will be lurking.

I have a CRKT Ignitor that I bought in a brick and mortar store, and I think you might not understand how the knife works. The thumb stud is actually a small button that requires that you depress it. Once done, the assisted opening spring should do the rest of the work.

I can’t speak to the Get-A-Way tool but the knife is a good value in my opinion.