CRKT Ignitor / Get-A-Way Driver Set

Good deal! $20 cheaper than HERE! The knife by itself is $36.95, but they list the MSRP as $59.95. They list the gift set as $79.95, meaning the Get-A-Way Driver must list for $20. But they sell the Get-A-Way driver set for only $3 more. Guess I won’t expect much from it!

Update: Received mine a couple days ago. The knife and tool set come in a large blister pack. It’s a nice knife, seems to be excellent quality and the “Outburst” system is impressive. I was a little concerned how much pressure would be needed on the release button, but it works easily. I like the feel of the G10 handle material and it clips nicely in my front pants pocket because it’s a flat design. The tool kit seems to work well in playing around with it, but I haven’t put it to any significant test yet to see how it will handle some stress.