CRKT Ken Onion Ripple Folding Knife

Time to check out the product page

Sweet! Another nice knife I can’t buy because [footage not found]

Review your shipping policies, please.

Get the slightly bigger one for cheaper at walmart…

Not to, uh, shoot you down, but the wally world knife you linked to is the budget version (with 8CR14Mov rather than Acuto+).

Not the same animal AT ALL.

Just a snippet of Ken’s own words regarding the design:

“The clip is inlaid slightly into the handle and was placed in this config because the knife is very slim and by bending and inlaying the clip this way it is gives the user a wider berth to lay there thumb across when using . I think you will need to roll one in your hand a bit to understand why everything was done the way it was. It all has a purpose.
The total thickness of this knife from the center is only .302 and where it is scalloped on the outer edges it is only .204 . I wanted to make a series of knives that were gentlemanly enough for gentlemen and tactical enough for tactical use so,gentleman/ tacticals= Genticals . Something that would be great for everyday as well as church on sunday. Something that was very thin and light and easy to carry yet large enough to get the job done when called upon. The scallops help reduce weight yet the ribbing give the knife grip and most importantly stiffness and support. I have taken a minimalist approach to this knife and feel I am breaking relatively new ground here . I hope you will study this knife and see that there is a reason for everything.
This knife is super easy to carry and fun to roll around in your hands.”

I’m not a fan of metal handles and tip down carry. Otherwise I would be all over this deal. IKBS is an amazingly smooth pivot.

Acuto+ is an enhanced formula based on 440C by a Japanese manufacturer. The Walmart version has a generic Chinese blade steel (still a decent steel but nothing special).

If the specs are true, it appears that the Acuto+ blades are heat treated to a higher hardness. That should keep it sharp longer.

Thanks for the tip on the wallyworld deal…I bought it from them instead of woot. I didn’t like the small blade: 3.99 inches vs only 2.7 inch. I have no idea what “acuto” steel is, but all of my other knives are made of “8cr14mov” steel and it holds an edge just fine as my “abused-every-day-carry”.
Bigger knife, better price, with free shipping too! WooHoo!

Here’s a review:


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I believe this to be the same knife on Amazon, for less money, with Prime shipping:

My apologies. I am not a knife expert… Just looked the same to me.

After more research, I’m not convinced that Acuto+ is that much better than 8cr14mov. The Rockwell hardness score is almost the same according to CRKT: both scores around 58-60. One of my favorite online discussion forums is the 1911forum, where they discussed this knife and the acuto steel:

Blade steel is not a mystery, it is a flavor of the month. Anything better than 420HC or 425M is in the range of good blade steels. Acuto+ is a modified 440C alloy, with a little more chromium and some vanadium. It will probably hold an edge longer than 440C, and should be plenty tough, not that’s an issue in a gentleman’s folder like the Ripple. Depending on the Rockwell hardness, it may or may not be more difficult to sharpen. I’ve had good luck with CRKT, I say go for it, it’s a good looking piece

According to the specs on the Woot page, the list price, and available colors, this knife is the now discontinued Ripple 2, not the one you linked. This one has a stainless steel handle rather than an aluminum handle, which makes this a much better deal. I don’t really understand what makes this different than the current Ripple 2 other than color choices.

Woot you might want to update your page to indicate this is the Ripple 2

Edit: looking more closely at the discontinued vs. new Ripple 2. The handle pattern has subtle differences. If Woot’s picture is accurate, this is definitely the discontinued Ripple 2, which explains the deep discount.

Edit 2: Just found this YouTube comparison which nicely shows the difference between the discontinued Ripple 2 (K400KXP) being sold here, and the new model (K401GXP).

The K400KXP at Amazon:

Buried in the GREAT post Paradise made was this comparison of different knife steels for the knife guys:

Would have jumped on it had it been the larger version.

Problem for a lot of people is that many states have a 3" blade limit for unconcealed. Although most do it and it usually won’t be a problem, in California, having the clip showing is technically considered unconcealed (definitely a grey area). Therefore having a blade under 3" is important if you want to clip your knife. Stupid, I know, but I try to carry within the bounds of the law. Only reason I’m not buying this is because I can buy it any day of the week for $53 on amazon with free shipping. On woot the total comes out to $48 after tax and shipping. Not worth.

No jumping on knives please !

I’ll take that into consideration.

Yea, considering the local laws on knives is important. I live in a part of California where knife laws are less imposing. But I do travel to areas with different laws, namely areas with 3inch knife laws period. I carry (clipped to my pocket) much larger knives than this Ripple and usually don’t get hassled for it. It is, though, always a possibility and should be considered.