CRKT KISS ASSist Tanto Razor Edge Knife

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CRKT KISS ASSist Tanto Razor Edge Knife
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Why does the 2nd pic (with the knife closed) show a different blade? Just sloppy day at Woot or am I missing something?

The third picture is just the reverse side (back) of the knife.

It looked like, in the second picture, the lower half of the blade was exposed when this knife was closed. I checked the reviews on Amazon, and sure enough that seems to be the main complaint.

That seems like a really bad idea. I had assumed that was a cutaway view. I shall pass.

Thank you for explaining the 3rd pic when the question was very clearly about the 2nd pic.

“Exposed blade” when in closed position… That is an oxymoron concept, and worse yet, somebody decided to put into production to sell it… YIKES!!!. PASS BIG TIME!

I had the previous non-locking version of this. the blade is exposed, but that little black ridge and as flat as it rides doesn’t create an issue. I had one in my pocket for over a year with out issue. this is a great knife for trousers where you need it thin and light weight.

Indeed, just a sloppy day. CRKT makes this in both Tanto and Drop point, second pic shows Drop point. On CRKT website this received poor reviews-2stars, and was discontinued.

Check the video on opening/closing. He shows the exposed look is not a problem. CRKT knows what they are doing. The blade looks exposed but it can’t cut you unless you are really trying to get your finger in there. The inside edge is actually right next to the handle. They build their knives very well and that’s why this very popular design really works. It’s all in the quality of the hinge and the close construction. The little black piece on the end is actually not necessary and I will remove those torx screws and see if it will come off when I get it.

If they made it sloppy it WOULD be very dangerous. They build it well so it gives maximum cool and minimum danger when closed. Plus
the look really freaks out people who are afraid of knives :stuck_out_tongue: but, unless you are a total Beavis, it won’t be a problem.

My only problem is the second picture is clearly not tanto version, and they are made in Taiwan…they can make great knives anywhere in the world why would they choose a country that has a very negative stigma for producing bad knives.


Confirmed, all pics are correct.

Current laws of physics say you’re wrong.

Agreed, look at the second picture. Then look at any tanto blade.

Shame on woot for picturing an option that can’t be bought here or on manufacturer website.

Or just watch the video. Really if you haven’t bought one already you don’t deserve to own one.

These pics were done in-house. The confusion is probably coming from the curvature of the black section hiding the angle of the Tanto blade, when closed. However, the images and info is all accurate.

LOOK I am using my amazing powers of vision. I’m not talking about the edge…

Tanto point looks different on the FACE. I know you might need to squint and zoom in and actually try to do your job. That is hard and I’m sorry to make you work.

It may seem like a small difference to someone who doesn’t actually use knives, but the shape of that point is core to the tanto design. It’s the reason why tanto points provide superior penetration and it is essential to the item description.

In the end the picture must be of the actual item. The picture must match the description or I don’t know what I am buying.

If woot sends me a drop point knife I will return it.

They are the same blade, just very difficult to see the angle change on the face of the blade. However, you can see a little better when you look at a negative of the image.

I have the non-Tanto version of this knife. I haven’t used it much, as I think it’s cumbersome to deploy and uncomfortable to hold. I wouldn’t buy it unless space is at a premium.

Also, the second picture is wrong. The inverse image only makes that more obvious, as you can see the curve of sharpened edge of the blade. Tantos are not curved.