CRKT KISS ASSist Tanto Razor Edge Knife

Edit: I regret going off on a rant. I will say that it doesn’t even really matter as both models are good knives and I would be happy with either. Sorry for the rant I just posted.

Anyone who looks at the blades in the pictures can see the difference. Maybe your supervisor would like to look at it? Just look at the point of the blades in the picture and admit you don’t have the knife in your hands.

You say the pictures were taken in-house and obviously they are not. Prove me wrong and take another picture of the knife sitting on a table or something. We all know you cannot. We are both just looking at an image on a screen and are unable to hold the product in our hands. That is why an accurate description and consistent pictures are important. I have purchased from woot and returned products because they were not as described before. I am realizing why woot continues to misrepresent the products they sell: you just don’t care. These pics are provided from the manufacturer (not in house) and were created at a time when both options were available. The truth is although it says TANTO in the description neither one of us knows what knife woot is actually selling.

Why can’t you admit when you’re wrong? We all make mistakes, it only becomes a problem when we fail to admit it.

I know at first glance they look the same, but when you look a bit closer you can see the difference in the shape of the point. If you have never sharpened a knife or stabbed anything you will never really understand this and why this is so important. People that use knives as a weapon and not a decoration are very aware of this difference. A traditional knife has one edge. Much easier to sharpen. A tanto has two: the point edge for stabbing and the main edge for slicing. Knife makers and knife users know this well. When you stab with a tanto point the shape provides superior penetration and more energy is applied to the target. Why else would anyone bother putting two edges on a knife? It’s so much more work. The tanto is like if a knife and a chisel had a baby. It yields the best stabbing power and that’s why manufacturers spend the extra effort. That’s why your customers will spend the extra effort to carefully sharpen two edges instead of one. This is compounded by the fact that if you bevel the inside edge of THIS knife you create a gap and the edge no longer sits flat against the handle, making it easier to slice your finger.

If you don’t admit that you don’t know what knife woot is actually selling I may never woot again and that would be disappointing.

I’m just the messenger; so please refrain from being rude.

The info was checked with the sport team this morning and confirmed to be correct, as a sample is in the Dallas office.

I’m fine now it doesn’t really matter at this price. Please consider it dropped. And after reading my argument it seems very pointless XD

So arguing about it I convinced me to actually buy it. I don’t actually care what version it is.

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Picture 1 = Tanto point (two edges)
Picture 2 = Drop point (one curved edge)

WHICH picture is correct? Several replies above say “pictures are correct”. Which cannot be true, since two designs are pictured, unless each purchase includes TWO knives (in that case, a super-great deal!).

Again, the pics are correct; here’s a cellphone pic of the sample:

Thanks! So that is Tonto, unlike image #2, which is drop point.

your pic here is a tanto blade. Notice the angle on the blade edge. Pic 2 on the original posting has a completely curved blade edge, a drop point. It’s a different blade and NOT CORRECT for this listing.

Sorry, but this is not a tanto blade. There’s no angle along the blade.

Just sloppy day at woot and disappointing that the staff can’t understand the difference. It’s pretty clear though that the tanto blade is what you’re likely to get if you buy it.

When the blade is closed, the edge is protected by the curved protective edge that hides part of the blade. If you zoom in, you can see the edge of the tanto blade.

These photos were shot from the same sample in our own photo studio.

Yup, the mods are right. All you a**clowns owe them an apology.

If you follow the edge of the blade from the back, you can clearly see it gets hidden. Also, if you look closer to the tip, you can make out the change in grind that tanto blades have versus drop point.

You are correct, different blade, we BETTER be getting the Tanto as advertised… lol… the first pic shows a regular drop point.

You are WRONG. Period Dot. You in the picture where you CLAIM that part of the blade is hidden, you can still see the final edge grind, and it curves… it does NOT curve on the Tanto. Just admit it, not only are you blind, you have no clue as to what you are talking about. No big deal, but quit reinforcing your ineptitude by trying to beat a dead horse… YOU AND EVERYONE YOU CHECKED WITH ARE WRONG AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT

THIS is a KISS Tanto closed…

care to eat some crow Staff??

Or can you STILL not see the difference… and if that pic of the slightly open tanto is really a cell pic, snap another of it CLOSED!!! You won’t because it’ll prove you are full of it.

I have this knife and it’s not a good knife. I’ve cut my finger on it while closed and retrieving from my pocket. Looks cool but not a good design.

Looks like the point is hidden under the cover. If you follow the two straight edges (darker color as they near the black guard) they disappear under the guard. The curved looking area is a shadow and is a different shade from the edge.

Just my opinion, though.

Its exposed but wont cut or get caught on anything. I had one for a long time and loved it, but the part that gave it leverage to spring open lost its springiness(?), and then I lost it. But for about 8 months, I loved it. Very thin profile, and easy to open and close.

Since this topic is dead now, I thought I would add this. The second picture IS the tanto blade. Look at the unground portion, there is a definite angle that lines up with the different sharpened surfaces on the tanto blade. Google a pic of the kiss drop point and it shows a smooth curve in the unground portion of the blade. Very clearly different. Woot staff is correct in my opinion.I bought the knife early yesterday, before this kerfuffle. I have become a big fan of the crkt knives.

Yep, the pic is correct. I just looked at the knife myself. The sample we have hides a good portion of the slicey-cutty parts. It’s also some shadows causing it to look different. But I saw it in person. I can vouch that our photos are correct.

I do feel like an ass. The image is not what’s important. Having staff that’s willing to put up with nonsense and still confirm the details of the real item IS important.

I’m sorry and good job woot staff.