CRKT Knives

Does it come with the harness? I bought one from Woot! in July and mine didn’t, although when I look back at the description now it lists it.

I ordered one in July (23rd) and it came with two sheathes, one for neck, one for belt.

Aside from that:
Bought two of the Wrinkle previously (one red, one brown), noted at the time that they both come rather raw: the raised edges on the handle are worn to bare metal on both sides, out of the box. They’re packaged well and don’t seem to have sustained friction or rubbing in transit, so I can only chalk this up to a production deficiency, as the quality of what you receive is not at all like the picture of what you think you’re buying.

Several others responded at the time that they, too, had their orders arrive in the exact same condition, no one spoke up that theirs actually looked like what’s represented in the photos. Near as I can find trying to search, those comments don’t exist any longer.

Caveat emptor, etc.

Mine also came with two sheaths and the belt mount but did not come with the harness (I had planned to only use the belt mount in the first place so I didn’t care).
Just a fair warning, it will NOT arrive sharp. Mine was about as sharp as a spoon when I got it. The steel (2CR13) is also pretty low quality; it takes forever to get a decent edge on it and you’re definitely not going to get it razor-sharp. I still like it though; it’s tough, it’s easily concealable, and it’s cheap. A beater EDC that can be used for defense in a pinch.

Genuinely surprised by this. I’ve purchased multiple CRKT knives over the past decade, and have never had an issue like this. They always come razor sharp, out of the box.

The wrinkle is a bada$$ knife. I’ve bought 3 already for myself and gifts.

Most of their knives use higher quality steel. As far as I can tell this is the only CRKT knife that uses 2CR13. It’s not a deal killer or anything; I got mine reasonably sharp with some effort and I like the knife as a whole. Just don’t expect it to be as good as their usual selection.

Example: After sharpening, my N.E.C.K. does a fair job of splitting paper but only if the paper is held on both sides of the cut, and it leaves behind some burrs. For comparison my Bradley Kimura will slice the paper cleanly with a gentle drawback motion, without needing to hold both sides. Most of CRKT’s lineup is similarly capable.