CRKT Lake Thunderbolt Knife (4 Options)

That’s not a knife.

eh, cold steel or nothin’ when buying my knives!

A handful of good reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) on the Thunderbolt 2 over at

Of course there are going to be good reviews at the website of the product’s maker!

Purchased one a few months ago from Crkt and it’s my go to knife. I don’t like serrated blades because you can’t sharpen them. The traditional blade is still sharp and I take it almost everywhere with me

So in Illinois I can order a knife, but not a pellet gun.

That makes sense.

Talk to your government reps.

Amazon Reviews for the Thunderbolt 2

Really Long Video Review

Can you throw a knife as far and as accurate as a pellet can fly?

how about this one? in NY, if this knife was .2 or .7 inches longer (depending on the model). because the blades are fractions of an inch shorter than 4 inches, i can’t get one…

I have the plain edge version of this knife (Thunderbolt 2) and love it. It’s pretty much the only one I carry now. I paid $30 for it in a store and I feel like it was definitely worth that price. At this price, I may grab one or two more for gifts.

I bought 3 of these last time. Gave away two. But look at the photos very carefully. These are for a left handed person. (I am)

how do you figure? because of the clip placement?

If he does that, he won’t be able to buy pellet guns OR knives.

Nice EDC knife…In for 3 !

Not trying to be mean but this is a right handed tip down carry knife. I have not messed with this knife before but I do know 8cr14mov is a decent metal. It may not hold its edge very long but it will touch up with a sharpener very easy. And you can’t beat these at the price, so be sure to buy 3 =)

Or join knife rights!
Your government reps won’t listen to you…but they’ll listen to hundreds of letters backed by kniferights lawyers and officials supporting the fight against ridiculous laws and restrictions in pocket knives.
Power in numbers!

Lol, Then you would like these. Right down there in regards to price, quality and country of manufacture.
These are heavy, cheap knives.
Once upon a time…
Call me spoiled, but once you use a finely made percission knife manufactured from high end materials in the USA, everything else feels cheap.
However; These still are very useful and for the price, great as backups:
Glovebox or car for emergency situations
Camping bag
First aid kit
Wife’s purse: nothing says I love you more than a knife
Stocking stuffers! Santa loves knives, and so do kids :slight_smile:
Great if you loose things, and not ready to spend $800 on a pocket knife
Pretty much anything light duty… Remember, Tanto blades were designed to stab and pierce armor… These are not going to holdup to that, and the thin slick handle won’t keep it in the Hand securely eather so don’t buy if you were planning to stab someone or something.

I was going to buy three but disappointed to find they are not assisted opening which would really make these a neat cheap knife, the blades are painted black and the safety lock is pointless if the liner lock is properly designed to engage securely.

And they lived happily ever after!

Well if you’re comparing these to the quality and durability of cold steel then I might be in for 3 now.

Speaking for CS knives your comments on lock strength and point strength don’t hold much. I’ve stuck my cold steel tanto point folder through a car door and used it to saw a windshield off of a car. A few scratches but otherwise none the worse for wear.