CRKT Liong Mah Design #5 Plain Edge Knife

I picked up a Liong Mah about a year ago, paid about $25 for it.
It’s a non-locking blade (slip joint locks require only applying pressure to the back of the blade to fold it in)
I bought the knife because I liked the way it looked and added it to my collection. I don’t carry it however.
It’s a bit too small for my hand and is difficult to open one handed. I also do not prefer blades that can fold in without first disengaging a locking mechanism.

Overall, a nice knife but not great for EDC (IMO).

I’ve been carrying this knife for about a month. Feels great in my hand and the blade came razor sharp and has held it’s edge. It is old school in that the blade does not have a “hard” lock, and it takes 2 hands to open. The action is very smooth, however. Reminds me of the knives I carried as a kid, only a lot better. I find it to be a fabulous value.

i own this knife as well; bought here. great blade, cool look & lanyard. my only beef is the fact that it does not lock. you just have to be careful you keep your thumb off the blade but back a bit on the body gimping for harder use. great for basic EDC, but leave it home if you might be battling mountain lions. with practice, it opens fine w/ one hand due to the deep “goat cheese & wine” channel at the top. i am able to get around the wine & cheese circuit opening & closing w/ 1 hand w/ no issues. :smiley:

For it’s intended market this is a great knife. Especially, for the price offered here. Remember, that the U.K. and certain jurisdictions here in the U.S. don’t allow locking blade pocket knives and/or blades over 2.5-3". That’s where this knife comes in. It’s over-built with with good blade steel and great ergonomics. (G-10, finger choil, 8Cr14MoV, deep pocket clip) Practice with your thumb and middle finger for easier one-handed opening. Plus, it’s discontinued. Picking up 2 more…

Very helpful. Good Information.

I’ve been using mine for the last month or so. It’s a good knife for just cutting stuff - certainly not a defensive knife. The build quality is impressive. My friends all want to steal it from me. Now it’s one of many CRKT knives I’ve brought thru Woot!