CRKT M16-02S Classic Knife

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CRKT M16-02S Classic Knife
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In What reality is the retail value of this knife $90? This is the small version of the M-16. I see it regularly for less than $30, sometimes less than $20.

And it really is not a very good knife.

Of the M16 series …

This is probably one of the better choices because of its aluminum handles. The price is definitely right. And no, this isn’t a great knife, but it is a perfectly good carry at this price point. CRKT AUS 8 is decent steel, holds an edge well, sharpens and isn’t as pricey as some of the “boutique” blades out there. And the blade lock works well, once you get used to it.

Hard not to recommend

That’s not retail. It’s list or MSRP.

I do not own any CRKT knives, but have been waiting on a deal for one with a glass-breaker. (They have a model similar to this which has my interest.)

That said, I’m a EDC gear fan and the CRKT M## series gets a lot of love for being approachable. BUT, I also see these M## knives offered for even less, so will pass on this offer.

If you’re in the market for a decent EDC folder, worth a stab. (Couldn’t resist.) Otherwise, if you have a knife, I’d sit this one out.

I have a cousin of this knife on me right now - the M16-10S. The difference between mine is serrations and no pin-lock.

Things to note: [list][]This is a blade-down carry with the flipper by the pocket clip (at the top if it’s in your pocket). This means you pull it out of your pocket and almost have to turn it in your hand to get your finger on the flipper. I’ve gotten used to this but would personally rather it be reversed. Just my opinion.[]You cannot move the pocket clip[]This is a thick blade - stout. I haven’t had any chips or bends in it but I also am careful with my blade, as you should be too[]My blade came sharper than any I’ve ever purchased. I nipped myself the first time I tried to close it one-handed. Okay, I took a good piece of my fingertip and learned that lesson quickly![]The pocket clip is difficult to bend back in place but that is because it is very rigid steel that won’t bend out of place easily. Needle-nose pliers will get it back into shape[]It is NOT spring assisted.
You have to pop your wrist a little while using the flipper. Don’t worry though, you will get used to it[/list]
All-in-all, this is a good knife. If it is the same size as mine you will enjoy this EDC and use it, which is why we carry one. I purchased it because I like the lightweight and thin handle, the sturdy tanto blade and the thing just looks BA.

I have about 6 CRKT knives. They’re all sturdy, and are lying in the various rooms of my house because I always seems to need a knife wherever I am - I would only note that one came with a flip action that was so stiff that I need both hands to open it. Most are fine for light work.

Price wise - I usually wait until woot has a sale of 3 or 4 at a time.

This is not a good deal!

This is crap steel. I bought this knife for $9 at walmart. Normally ~$20.

If you can get them for $9, do it and resell them like crazy. My Wal-mart stores (and there are 6+ in my area) can’t touch it for less than $47.49, so you either got a really good deal or confused on the model.