CRKT M16 Kit Carson EDC Folding Knife

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CRKT M16 Kit Carson EDC Folding Knife
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Hmm I’m a fan o liner locks on knives but the AutoLAWKS bug me. I’ve never had trouble with the liner accidentally unlocking while in use, so I dont want an extra step in the unlocking process. That and the spelling bugs me.

Yup, very common for people to pull the spring for the AutoLAWKs system and use the knife without the trouble of it.

i’ve used a CRKT M16 series as my every day carry knife for well over a decade. They’re very well designed working knives, made of high quality materials that function flawlessly.

I recall when they introduced the AutoLAWKS liner lock safety button. I didn’t like it at first, but now i consider it a vital safety item. It is possible for a liner lock to slip, and if it does, you could lose more than just a finger or two. As far as closing it goes, with a few minutes of practice it’s easy. And for opening - the average person says “wow, a switchblade!” It opens instantly, without fuss.

Highly recommended for a good quality EDC working knife. I’m in for 3.

I’ve had liner locks fail to keep the blade open. Granted, I bought a couple dozen cheap folding knives for use at work (I’m not going to bring any of my good tools to work to get trashed or lost) but still, the liner lock on all of them ends up being collapsible.

I’ve carried a similar CRKT knife with the auto linear lock for going on 10 years. It quickly became automatic for me to unlock and fold. I’ve have had other knives liners fail and taken the blade across my fingers. Never with my CRKT. Great knives!

Woot is also offering the M16 Tanto knife for two more days. CRKT M16 Frame Lock Tanto Knife
Which one do y’all prefer?

I have owned (and lost)more of these knives than I care to count over the past 15 years or so. This size is perfect for pocket carry and more nimble than its M-16 big brother, wich is too big IMHO. I recommend dabbing locktight or egg whites to the threads of all non pivot screws right away, as they tend to either not be tight or loosen too easily. This is an easy buy for me, I’m in for 3. Practice with the dual lock and you’ll be adept in no time. It is very important feature, especially during twisting or prying the tool.

p.s. the blade fits inside a wine bottle and with some deft maneuvers, one can master extracting a wine cork as a party trick. Don’t worry, what’s the worst that can happen?

I am all about the straight blade over everything. It sharpens very fast, the tip of the blade is nimble and pointy, and it downplays the appearence to where everyone is comfortable in its presence, if that matters. Tantos are good for stabbing things due to the heavy built tip. They have more disadvantages than a spear point for an every day carry knife in my opinion.

When I first got REALLY into the Knife thing one of my first "deal"acquisitions was this knife in the TANTO Blade version. I have never liked the TANTO style but loved this knife I got it back when it was a $35-$45 knife and I got it new off E-Bay for like $24 shipped. Someone at a Liquidation site put it in wrong category. I was doing back-flips. But anyway, I do highly recommend this knife. Yes the autolawks at first is weird. So is all new things usually. You will forget about it. For a $20 EDC or a 1 in the Truck, 1 in the Boat, 1 in the Office knife, you cannot go wrong.
In for 3.

Something to be aware of and would be easily overlooked when comparing the two knives. This model has the glass filled nylon side plates and the Tanto that is offered has stainless sides.

Personal preference on this along with blade style would be up to the purchaser.

Either will be a good value knife.

Personally I would choose the stainless sides, and a 3.875" spear point with Veff serrations BUT I don’t believe that is an option. :slight_smile:

I have this knife and like it for “EDC” except for one thing.

The awesome little “flipper” that makes the blade so fast to deploy also can ruin your pants if you aren’t careful. When carried in the right front pocket, the flipper points toward the back. It’s knurled for grip and the little spikes wear down the corner of your pocket each time you draw the knife.

I have an older one of these and I also bought in on the 10S Tanto the last time they were here… they are NOT the same knife. The 10S Tanto is a bit odd, it’s body is smaller than the blade. Not so much that it’s awkward, it’s just a bit strange at first. Also, doesn’t have autolawks. It uses the body as the liner lock instead of a dedicated liner. The 01KZ has separate faces/scales and a liner, plus the autolawks. The body is probably a bit beefier than the 10S.

A down-side to that is that is that the holes in the body on this 01KZ will eventually get grunge in them. You’ll have to remove the scales to REALLY get it cleaned up. I’ve done this every 3 or 4 years on my old one. That shouldn’t scare anyone away from it, but if you’re planning on using this for dirty work, be aware that it’ll get dirty quicker.

Basically it boils down to the blade shape and autolawks… do you like a tanto with a simple liner lock, or do you want a drop point with the autolawks? For the money, this 01KZ probably is worth more, but they’re both so cheap I’m in for both.

The 10S will remain my EDC and take daily abuse just because I love love love me some tanto blades. This 01KZ will be reserved for camping and hiking trips where I need a sharp reliable knife.

BTW… side note for staffers… if you post up a tanto version of this with veff serrations, I’m in for a dozen. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. I bought one of each.

I had the non-Autolawk Carson opener for years so I thought I would weigh in. This knife is great for daily carry, provided you’re not prying or doing heavy duty cutting on a regular basis. It’s thin enough to fit in your back pocket with little discomfort, but I routinely carried in my front pocket and it caused no hindrance to other items in that pocket. The drop point is far superior to the Tanto in a daily carry not only for cutting functionality but also for ease of sharpening. Unless I join the military, I’ll never own another tanto blade.

I recently picked up a Kershaw 3890 (RJ Martin) Speed safe and frankly I miss the CRKT. The 3" blade is much easier to carry (compared to the 3.5 on the Kershaw) and the overall thickness causes me less discomfort. The Kershaw actually bruised me from a day under my tool belt last week.

I can see people being nervous about the Carson opening system, but I got so used to it that I don’t really care for using a thumb stud anymore. As long as you keep your knife well cared for, it opens as fast as switchblade and I never once had it open when it wasn’t supposed to.

Regarding the Autolawk, I also never had an issue with the linear lock failing (or coming close to failing). This isn’t a work horse knife. It is well built and sturdy, but if you’re using it like a fixed blade then you need to upgrade to a knife more suited for heavy use. The CRKT is hardly a gentleman’s knife, but the I think the Autolawk is still a bit superfluous. That being said, I also wouldn’t let it disuade you from this deal because that is a damn good price for this knife.

I’ve owned (and lost two of these) and I love them. I’m jumping at this one because of it’s price. Almost bought 3.

Does anyone make knives in America anymore?