CRKT Onion Halfachance Parang Knife

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CRKT Onion Halfachance Parang Knife
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Nov 24 to Friday, Nov 25) + transit
Condition: New


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Product Page with a few Reviews

Is this just another soft-metal toy like the ones you can get at Harbor Freight for $5 or will it take/keep an edge?

This is made by Columbia River Knife and Tool, highly regarded. This is no toy.

This is actually a fairly decent machette… Not a 1970’s high karete’ knife that will fall apart and you will need to call Bruce Lee or Walker Texas Ranger to help you cut down the bush with karate’ chops… Buy one and behold the mighty chef onion knife quality!!!

65mn carbon steels is equivalent to a 1065 carbon steel is pretty good metal. It’s Chinese made steel that will hold a sharp edge, durable, but will rust, corrode as it doesn’t have any chromium, the material that makes steel into stainless steel.

I’d like to think that since this is a Ken Onion blade, it’s well designed and higher quality than a HB knife.

The blade is just 0.1 inch thick. I like mine a little beefier. I would like to hear from someone that owns and uses it. I really like the Kershaw machetes I bought here because they are thicker and I wonder how this compares.

Has good reviews on Amazon with a “Grade B” on fakespot for the reviews.

Are you guys stupid, or just lazy? There is no law against getting, having, buying or using the knife in zip 11751, or any of the other zips within 60 miles of here! Someone needs to higher a professional legal research staff. But I guess the easy way out fits you slackers.

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Boycotting knife purchases from Woot! until they fix their overly cautions shipping restrictions is my form of protest. Stupidity, laziness and cowardice should always be combated.

Knowing this may get deleted, but in an effort to assist the shopper, take a look at Optics Planet for a comparable price.

Why would it get deleted? We list comps all the time…hell, even if they are incorrect Woot keeps them around, but will MOD with a note.

You could better assist your fellow wooter if you include a link next time.

$10 MORE expensive there…

FWIW, it’s not stupidity, laziness or cowardice. Our shipping restrictions come from our legal department. We are asking them to relook at the list but the final decision is up to them.

PS: Your post was kinda mean.

How can you boycott buying something you can’t buy in the first place? I mean, how would they know you’re boycotting them? :slight_smile:

I accept my post was mean and I apologize for my comments.

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