CRKT Onion Halfachance Parang Knife

I got this last time Woot had it , after missing the boat the time before and the time before that.I had gotten a Kershaw Camp 14 and it came in very handy on the last BIG tree I had to chop up all the small branches to be able to have them hauled away. I had gotten that after the first time I missed out on Whoot’s deal on the Halfachance. The Kershaw Camp 14 is a keeper but I wanted the extra weight towards the tip of the blade that the CRKT has. If you think you are going to have a bunch of small branches to cut up this will do it in a heartbeat. And when I saw small I am talking about ones all the way up to 2 inch diameter . My hatchet is not going to see any action now that I have these. For the money this should be a no brainer.