CRKT Outburst Hissatsu Folding Knife

If you’re not familiar with the Auto-LAWKS system, while it does keep the blade securely open, it also makes it much more complicated to close. I bought a different CRKT knife with this feature but don’t carry it because I found it to be too much of a hassle.

Alas, same price at the Mother Ship if you hold a Prime account.

As to the opener, I own the same system on the smaller Hissatsu and it works flawlessly. In fact, it’s my preferred daily carry. So there may be an issue with an individual knife, but CRKT service typically handles these things well.

If you are in the market, this is a beautiful, well-balance, large carry knife. It’s been a staple of their line for years now.

Do you have a link for that Amazon sale? I’m not finding it available with Prime shipping :frowning:

You must be military, LEO, or are in a always ready for CQC situation because this isn’t your typical EDC knife.

I know the term “tactical” is overused but it truly applies in this case. While you can cut an apple, probably kick off a spark on your firesteel, etc, with this knife, this folder is really made just for combat. And if I wanted one for that, I’d probably go with a fixed blade if I didn’t have to worry about space.

Bought this when it was $39.99 and still thought it was a deal. At $35, the knife is now cheaper than what’s listed on Amazon and cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen. CRKT has a short video on how to efficiently work the autolawks systems and it is easy to learn how to do it their way. I like the knife and can close it without problems.

I will say that I’ve learned you have to follow the groove in the handle when opening it. If you don’t, then your thumb won’t be lined up right to open it. The groove is there to get you to push it straight out (90 degrees to the handle). Once you get the hang of it, you’ll do it naturally without thinking.

In all, it is a big knife meant for people in the military or law enforcement. If you look at the clip, you’ll see there is handle jutting out behind where the clip is joined to the handle. That means that there’s about a 1/2 or more of handle sticking out of your pocket when you tuck the knife inside. Why does this matter? It matters because it means that the knife presents more than most pocket knives and it means that it is easy to draw from the pocket. This is helpful if you are not worried about people knowing you have a knife (e.g. military/LEO) but it’s not good if you’re trying to be discrete.

All in all, this is a true fighting blade and you are getting a lot for under $40.00. I recommend this for anyone looking for a real tactical folder. It’s a great knife and at an unbeatable price.