CRKT Outburst Hissatsu Folding Knife

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Columbia River Knife and Tool 2903 Hissatsu Folding Knife

by Columbia River Knife & Tool

4.5 out of 5 stars 260 customer reviews

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This is a great knife. The assisted open is a little stiff but it kicks open really well. Being able to remove the assist spring is nice if you live somewhere that frowns on that kind of thing, or if you dont want it.
The double locking mechanism on the blade took some getting used to but I never had to worry about the blade trying to close on my hand while using it.

If I HAD to have a complaint about this knife its that the body is REALLY thick. It is substantial. This is great for those of us with bigger hands and those wanting a solid grip on their knife. Due to the thickness of the body I would recommend not keeping it in your rear pocket; its not comfortable to sit on.