CRKT Pazoda Folding Knife

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CRKT Pazoda Folding Knife
$9.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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if you’re a TNPer you may have heard of this guy, or maybe you’re a TheHossUSMCer… who knows. whatever the case…

Here’s a review.

Can’t ship to my zip code (NYC) :frowning:

$24 + $6 shipping for the straight blade on Amazon sold by Adventurer’s Bag, but there are no reviews.

$23 + free shipping for the serrated blade on Amazon, sold by GrabAGun, also no reviews.

This is the link to the straight edge version:

And the serrated version:

Some good in-depth reviews on youtube for those who are interested:

Seems to be cheaper on Amazon if you have prime. Is this a different model?

[MOD: That’s the 6470 (small). We’re selling the 6480 & 6490 (large).]

I’ve had two CRKT knives, both the M16 Z model (; lost the first) … while a little over 2 1/2" seems to me like it might be too short a blade for an everyday/utility knife, this is an outstanding value if that’ll work for you.

Yes, that is a different model (Pazoda vs. Pazoda 2). I think the only difference between the two is the size, Pagoda 2 being smaller in length.

Yes, that knife is 3" long folded, while this model is about 3 3/4" long. The blade is longer on the woot model.

And I was ninja’d by a Mod and cornellbigred, maybe I need to look closer!


Dear Woot,

Please have someone from legal review your shipping policies to the greater NY area. If you want to outlaw shipping to NYC that is fine, but holding out on almost everyone upstate and on Long Island is unnecessary and costing you business.

I can buy the same knife from your parent company (Amazon) and ship it to my door without any legal problems what so ever.

On behalf of almost every NY wooter.


This guy.

PS - out of the zip codes in NY that you DO actually ship to, it includes two towns/cities that border queens, but not ones 50+ miles away.

Thanks for the clarification.


These are just like the Kershaws that woot was selling a few weeks ago (a few days ago on sellout), albeit shorter and lighter.

The only big design difference would be that the Kershaws have a thumb stud as opposed to the blade hole which allows for one handed opening (although the Kershaw needed some shrink tubing/ rubber over the stud because it comes out of the box way too sharp and was tearing up my thumb)

Thanks for posting the review. Man, does that guy like to hear himself talk though!! :o

Thanks for the video link. Made my decision for me. At the end he mentions how it’s not very sharp. The Vapor IIIs that I bought were not very sharp out of the box either. Very disappointing. I’ll stick with my Kershaw Ken Onion Leek, that thing was sharp from day 1 and remains sharp three years later.

That pocket clip! It’s so deep! I’m having a pocket-clip love-moment right now. Plus this blade is legal in Delaware. Those together make this a perfect work knife for me. I am so loving this knife thing that Woot has going, and I think this one is my favorite one so far. That pocket clip! and the thumb hole for minimal finger damage combined with the size make this a solidly functional EDC knife.

Would it be useful in a Zombie attack? :slight_smile:

This. I don’t understand why you cannot ship it to my town which is over 100 miles away from NYC. The laws outside of NYC do not preclude folding knives such as this, unless I am missing something. And, you know, I don’t even want one, but it still is very strange.