CRKT Pazoda Folding Knife

Got this last time, I really like it. The clip is nice, it opens smoothly with one hand, and is not ugly. What more do you want in an eight dollar knife?

I picked up this knife from a woot plus deal not too long ago. A really like it. Nice finish, good heft, and a sharp blade. Plus, I like the size of the blade; its bigger than my other CRKT knives but it is still very pocketable. I’ve got a decent collection of pocket knives, but this is the one I’ve been finding myself grabbing most often.

I also bought this last time around, both versions, it is a very good knife. I only had one problem with the serrated one, with it not staying locked open.

I’m stuck wanting more assisted openers.
They’re ridiculously satisfying to open.

I think I’m a serial killer.

Bought this for 9.99 last time :confused:
Very happy with the purchase until now that the price is cheaper.


unless you are buying multiple pairs of this knife to save on shipping, this knife is at the most $1.00 cheaper then other outlets.

I have the straight blade one. It is a very high quality knife. I think I may just go ahead and order another. Not because I worry this one may break, but because the knife will out last me and I may eventually lose it. I like it so much, I am more than happy to have a spare.

“Pairs of knives?”

They are a bit bigger and heavier than the CRKT knives I’ve had in the past, but I still really like the ones I bought during the last Woot Off. Definitely worth the price, I’ll probably buy one or two as Christmas presents.

Awesome apple carving. Impressed.

“Pairing” knives?

Agreed. I bought one of these a few weeks ago and it is one of the best quality knifes I have ever owned. Very sharp.

Can anyone comment on the rust-resistance of this particular chromoly alloy?

Compared to Amazon, this is a lot cheaper even with free prime shipping. Searching the specific models they are a bit over $17 each. In for 2, one straight and one partially-serrated.

Would you mind sharing the names of the other outlets you mentioned? I’d like to get this for myself, Dad and brothers, but can only buy 3 here. The cheapest I can find elsewhere is ~ $15.

I bought one of these a few weeks ago when they were on sale here on Woot, and man, I’m thrilled with it! Best $8 I ever spent! I don’t know how I lived without it to tell you the truth. It’s just the perfect size - not too small, and not too big, opens and closes easily but locks up nice and firmly. I’m THRILLED with this knife and now carry it everywhere. You won’t be disappointed with this knife! BUY IT!!


I bought 3 last round, 2 straight blades and a serrated one. Both straight blades opened and closed fine. The 1 serrated blade did not want to lock either. I had to do a fair amount of opening and forcing it to “click” by pushing in the bar as it would not go all the way ynder the bend of the knife. It still wont, but it seems to lock every time now. Was extremely disappointed in that and dont know if you can ever really “trust” it to stay locked since it will not go all the way in like the straight edged ones do.