CRKT Pazoda Folding Knife



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I picked up a couple of these during the last Woot-off. They are decent $8 knives, and because they are only $8 throwing the “evidence” into the river, never to be found again, is economically feasible.


Worth it for the price as a daily use knife. Nice handle shape, blade shape, and weight distribution. Blade is not symmetrically sharp, but close enough. My knife sharpener puts it to 25* on one side and 20* on the other. Resharpened to 25* on both sides and it holds it rather well. not as hard of a steel as I would like, but at least that makes it less likely to chip.

Would buy again.


If I hadn’t already bought seven of these I’d be in for three more.


I bought 3 of these a couple weeks ago from Woot. I kept one for myself and will give the other two away as Christmas gifts.

That said, I really love this knife, especially for the price. Feels great, nice weight, came pretty darn sharp out of the box. Sits low in the pocket (couldn’t possibly sit any lower actually). This has replaced my SOG Twitch II for my EDC.

The only complaint I have is that the clip is a little flimsly and doesn’t firmly grasp the pocket. I need to take it off and bend it a little to make it tighter.

These are well worth the money.


I bought 4 of these last time. They are great little EDC knives. The clip is good for keeping the knife accessible, and they just look cool! Mine was sharp out of the box.


Dexter would approve.


I bought one of these last time, and the locking mechanism doesn’t work properly. Be careful if you’re looking for a heavy duty folding knife, but for $8 that’s probably not the case.


Last WOOT on these, I bought 3 w/Christmas gifting in mind. Cannot beat them for the price - solid construction, good locking mechanism, easy ‘swing’ when opening, small enough size that you don’t look like Crocodile Dundee when the knife is seen in public.


Bought 3 last w-o. Excellent knives for the money. Super sharp and easy to carry.


Excellent stocking stuffers for the outdoor/handy man - I have now 15 of these to handout during Christmas. Bass Pro sell them for $25, so $8 here is STEAL!!


These are great knives. I have 2 and use them all the time. Great quality construction.


Having bought two of these and finally having a minute to check them out, I figured I’d offer a quick review.

The look nice and feel heavy in the hand but they are not nearly as sharp as I would expect. I compared them to a few knives I’ve gotten through cutlery corner, and as gifts over the years. Every other knife I own is sharper.

Additionally, one of the Fold/locks is not aligned properly causing it not to lock properly without some finagling and I wouldn’t trust it if you were doing some serious cutting. Additionally, the factory appears to have messed up when sharpening it the blade. The nub below the sharpened area of the blade is worn down and the blade is not at all uniform.

I’m going off memory but I think both defects are on one knife so it could be a sign of poor quality control. I’m going to send an email to woot customer service, but I wouldn’t value these at what I paid and definitely not retail.