CRKT Provoke

CRKT Provoke

What about a pocketknife costs $146.99?

R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing, Shipping, etc…

When the design first came out via Kickstarter, they were $400+, I think.

In this particular case it’s because of the complexity of the design and precision involved in making/assembling the moving parts. To get this design to work properly isn’t easy. You can get a normal pocket knife in D2 steel with an aluminum handle for ~ $30. Probably from this manufacturer, they typically make inexpensive knives.

There are other knives that cost far more than $150 due to materials, Superior fit and finish, etc. Particulate metallurgy steels, custom anodized Damascus style titanium, finely finished hardwoods. High end production knives can go for $500 or more. Custom hand made designs can go for thousands.

Is it ridiculous? Absolutely. More ridiculous than spending $20,000 on a mechanical wristwatch that is less accurate than a $10 Timex? Debatable.


I try my best not to crap on anyone’s hobbies. With that being said… you’re paying for the design. If the design looks stupid to you, this isn’t for you. I would value this at about $25 for me. You’ll never get this for that price. So this isn’t for me.

@davemays123 makes great points. There are a TON of better knives with better metals for half this price. Woot sells Cold Steel knives at a lot better prices than this. Sadly they can’t seem to get this price down to a price that makes it enticing to non-fans.

The design does look ridiculous, and feels even more so if you actually decide to use it. I can’t claim the excuse of being particularly interested in knives, but the mechanics of it intrigued me, so I ordered one the last time these were on Woot. I had an even sillier reason for blowing the money on a second one: It was among the many pounds of misc. gadgets at the bottom of my bag when it was stolen a little over a week ago, and is the only one I can actually replace.
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