CRKT Razel SS7 Machete

CRKT Razel SS7 Machete
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I bought this on a previous woot… I haven’t used it much, but I can tell you, it is one beefy blade. I wouldn’t be afraid to attempt to serious chopping with this…

hope this helps…

I also bought this last round. I keep it next to my bed. It came sharp enough to shave the hair off of my arms. Overall, my favorite blade. It has the feel of a cleaver more than a machete. Not to mention the bottle opener on the end. I’d buy another if I didn’t already have one.

I bought one a ways back, and it is a very nice knife. That said, I never use it. The handle is far to small for my hand, and it’s sharp everywhere which limits the things you can do with it. Also, it calls itself a machete and that’s 100% not the case. It’s a decent sized knife, not nearly large enough to be a machete and trying to use it as one would be a nightmare. I would not go so far as to say that I regret the purchase, it’s cool, it’s a neat addition to the collection, but if you’re looking for a nice knife to hiking or camping with, get a K-BAR instead.

I purchased this about a year ago. It’s my go to knife for opening dog food bags, and for use as a cleaver in the kitchen, works on a watermelon great, its like cutting butter… One caution is to be very aware that just about every surface of this knife is razor sharp and if you forget for a moment and try to steady the blade by applying pressure to the back or the tip end of the knife with your other hand, you will get a very nasty cut.

Just go to Amazon and type in Machete and see if you want to pay $50 more for this than the others.