CRKT Razel SS7 Machete

CRKT Razel SS7 Machete
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The blade is a little short for serious trail clearing/breaking, but fine for camp clearing use. I did have a thought that this would be an excellent knife for sailing use - for those moments when you absolutely MUST cut a line completely through. It’s not too long to carry on smaller sail craft, the only worry would be
the damage that might ensue to fiberglass should you chop into it.

I happen to have a monster of a machete handed down from my dad I use for serious trail-clearing, and small tree removal. The blade is over 20 inches, at the back it is nearly 1/4 inch thick. It also happens to be full tang(which EVERY machete or heavy knife should have).

I think it’s absolutely irresponsible for Woot/Amazon to offer machetes. There is no reason to have a machete in the USA except to be used in crimes. I’ll have to re-think using Woot in the future.

I’m going to assume that you are joking and this is a goof. Whether the assumption is correct or not, you are most certainly an idiot.

I am trying to figure out how you could actually believe this. You’d have to be someone who never stepped out of the office and does not own a home. Not a serious gardener, nor a camper, nor a hiker, not someone who is handy with tools or can build things. And you’ve never had a redwood tree fall in your front yard on a Sunday, and had the urge to get it off your plants and out of the way without waiting. I carry axes, shovels, and big knives in my cars just for clearing in case I get stuck. If you weren’t checking the news, highway 80 had all lanes closed yesterday due to a rockslide. That’s the main transcontinental interstate highway of the United States. The mud wasn’t so big an issue as the fallen trees. And back roads get less attention when there’s a snag. So, it’s hardly unusual that someone might have to clear a little brush.

Well said, I vote this a quality post.

I bought one of these on a previous woot, wish I didn’t and will relegate it to being a conversation piece or auction material.

  1. ‘Machete’ is a generous name to use. Measure the length out on paper for a visual reference - its a lot smaller than you might think and more akin to a kitchen meat cleaver than a machete. In reality consider this more of a unique knife.

  2. The handle grip area for the fingers is cramped and small even for me endowed with freakishly small hands (but massively impressive other parts, like big feet, yup we’ll go with the feet…).

  3. *** There is a poorly placed very pointy glass breaker spike on the end of the handle and when this ‘knife’ is carried on a belt in the sheath the spike will easily scrape or damage anything that might commonly brush against it like clothing or SKIN.

  4. It is sharp on all sides and ends allowing a high risk of personal injury and infection. This is the last item I would take anywhere even if it were for zombies.

  5. It has a bottle opener. Really?

After getting mine I went out and bought another Smith & Wesson model: CKSURC fixed blade knife (which I put put up against the Razel any day) for half the price to remind myself I’ve made better decisions in the past :slight_smile:

This is my first comment to Woot after being a buyer for a long time. I live in the woods. When I walk to my mailbox and back it’s more than a mile walk.
A machete is incredibly helpful living in the country. We regularly hike through woods and a machete is handy to get through when the underbrush is thick.
That said, I’m not sure there are many criminals shopping on woot!
Have a great day, Woot Community!

Wow… I mean really wow…

I love our community. Thank you all for responding to the post and keeping it civil.

I think you should RETHINK using the INTERNET, I think.

Just go to Amazon and type in Machete and see if you want to pay $50 more for this than the others.

I purchased this knife on a previous sale and was impressed with its sharpness and overall quality. I have only one complaint: The point on the handle is quite sharp and would occasionally poke me while on my belt. My solution was to file the point off. It turned out that getting poked was more frequent than having the need to break automobile glass.It is now one of several knives I carry daily, most acquired from Woot.

Wow!!! People don’t need tools to do work and recreation? This sounds like someone that has never left a paved road and hides in their “safe space”.

Criminals misuse all types of tools, blame the criminals.

Successful troll is successful.