CRKT Razel SS7 Machete

CRKT Razel SS7 Machete
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I got one last time around. It is not a machete. It is sort of a chisel, cleaver, and serrated knife. Best for a collector or if you want to look scary. Too easy to hurt yourself, sharp all over and no guard. Will not replace my Ka-Bar camping, or my Mora on hikes. Would not replace a hunting knife for people who hunt. Less safe than I’d want for cooking.

Seems like a neat knife to have but not very practical, I’ll definitely get one if it goes down about $25 or so.

Could it fend off a bear?

Most of the stories I’ve ever read about someone fending off a bear with a knife said that the bear was stabbed. Doesn’t look like this thing is capable of stabbing although I’m sure it would annoy the bear quite well.

It’s a good price if you’re in the market for one ($126 + shipping on Amazon) but like BrucePerens above I do not consider it would replace my Ka-Bar.

They call it a machete because a knife that size is illegal in most states. But yes, not very practical. I’ve had mine for months and never used it.

Agree on getting it if you’re a collector and it fills some sort of gap or just think it’s cool looking. I wouldn’t use this for much. If you’re looking for something practical, save the money for a whole world of survival, bushcraft, etc knives.

I’d want a stabbing tip rather than a chisel. And bears are not necessarily scared by knives. Black bears are normally easy to drive away with noise. Brown bears are best avoided. Guns are not inappropriate in bear country.