CRKT Ritter MK5 Survival Knife

Yeah, lots of great reviews on Amazon, trouble is, Fakespot gives those reviews an “F”.

I’d never heard of Fakespot, so I google’d and then tried it myself.

First try showed an F, but said the analysis was very old and ask if it should be rerun. So, I reran it and now the reviews get an A.

Google also listed ReviewMeta, which serves the same purpose, but uses a different algorithm. It rates the site as PASS and gives it’s adjusted rating as 4.4 of 5 starts.

BTW- I bought this from a previous offer and it’s pretty much what it says it is. It’s not a daily use knife, but rather a minimal weight & size knife you can stuff in an out of way but assessable spot, e.g. the bottom of a purse, briefcase, or daypack, to have something in an emergency.

I think it’s a good value at $10.

And… I just revisited Fakespot, found it shows an F, with old analysis message, again and now says it’s unable to reanalyze. I don’t know what’s going on, but do know this knife is good at being what it claims, but no more than that!

ETA: obsessively, I checked again and now Fakespot gives Amazon reviews an A. I’m starting to wonder if Fakespot is fake…

These are great little knives when used for the intended purpose. I have one that came in my Doug Ritter survival kit and would love to have couple more. For $10 you can’t beat this.