CRKT Signature Hunter Knife

CRKT Signature Hunter Knife
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3/28/2014 - $29.99 - 16 comment(s)

Time to check out the product page and lets learn all about the warranty

I want to hear from other Wolters before pressing the button to order this. My son needs a good knife for his summer job but not sure this is it. More opinions please!

I still have my CRKT pocket knives from a woot about a year ago, they are still sharp, probably one of my favorite knives I’ve owned. Im tempted to get this as well.

PRO-TIP: Hook works equally well for cutting fishline AND ripping the intestines out of mammals.

Probably worth a shot, then. Knowing little about knives, is this a good bet for outdoor use, camping, etc?

Its a hunting knife, but a knife that can be used for many different things. You cant go wrong with this knife. good first knife for your son. Then start looking at Buck knives for his future knives. My humble opinion.

No sheath? Any Recs on one for this ka-nife?

It states fitted leather sheath under features. CRKT for the money are good knives.

Well, I have a lot of knives. It is sad actually. I use to go after CRKT knives but my issue with them are the edges. They do get sharp, but with use, they dull fast. In this price range, I much prefer SOG. I have stopped buying CRKT for the most part… I need to stop buying knives all together though.

For a FIRST knife. Get the boy a Buck. (or a SOG) Not a fancy looking CRKT that will dull fast and hurt him quicker.

I would stick with a folding knife for camping, or for a summer job. Not sure what the summer job is, but will a knife hanging on his belt in a leather sheath get in the way or attract attention?
As mentioned above, Buck makes nice knives, as does Kershaw. With a ‘pocket clip’, they can be worn inside your pocket.

CRKT makes fine knives for the price, I’ve had a couple and the steel is hard enough. I do agree though that it will lose it’s edge, which is fine since you shouldn’t rely on a knife that you don’t know how to sharpen. Getting someone a knife is a good idea but getting them a knife sharpener is a great gift. I also like Kershaw and think that a pocket clip, liner lock knife with a 3" blade is much more useful than a fixed blade sheath knife. If you are actively hunting, fishing, or camping you may be able to keep a fixed blade on your hip, which does make you feel a bit more confident about wrenching on things with the blade. Liners sometimes fold when you grip them too hard.

I agree.
This isn’t a folder. It’s housed in a sheath. It has a very large footprint to carry around with you. It’s much better suited for camping and hunting than a general carry around beater type knife that gets out of your way when you don’t need it.

I actually really love CRKT, but I’d recommend a folder for the situation you describe.

About that gut hook; I’ve heard a couple (literally 2) hunters say that they get no use out of a gut hook and it’s just in the way. Does anyone with experience find much use with a gut hook?

One downside I can think of is that it gets in the way of batoning wood. The 3.25 inch blade, in my limited experience is useful for batoning small sticks when I don’t feel like walking over and picking up a hatchet.

Also, if it’s true of what others have said and this knife needs relatively frequent sharpening, is it reasonable to think the gut hook will be problematic because it will get dull and be hard to sharpen?

Gut hook knifes are GREAT for cleaning deer or like game. It keeps the edge away from the gut sack, and if you have ever cut into a gut sack, you know that you don’t want to do it again. I’ve cleaned a lot of deer, and that option on a hunting knife is great. I know hunters that won’t carry a knife that doesn’t have one.

Thank you very much. He will be like a camp counselor but in extreme conditions, with no luxuries, but not needing to actually hunt to eat. Knife will be used for cutting sticks, killing snakes, etc. I forgot about this deal anyway, so we’ll look for a Buck. Thanks again.

Anyone else have a tracking number on their order that works yet?

Seems like quite a long time to have not registered with the USPS (still says “Tracking information is not available at this time. Please check back later or double-check the tracking number entered and try again.”), and I’m unfortunately running out of time before I’m off on my trip :frowning: