CRKT Steigerwalt Incendor Combo Edge Knife

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CRKT Steigerwalt Incendor Combo Edge Knife
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Anyone know if this knive is reverisble for lefties?

CRKT makes great knives, but as a lefthander I find their assisted opening knives awkward to use.

Looking close-up at the picture, I can see a little cut-out on the side the assist nub is, but no corresponding notch on the opposite side. It appears the frame comes up to the edge of the handle, so modifying it would constitute cutting into the metal of the frame. I attempted a reversal on a particular kniofe once, including reversal of all the panels and frame pieces. It ended up being a matter of dremeling-out that portion of the frame.

Personally, I use speedsafe pocket knives, which are ambiguous, handedly speaking.

Hmmmmm…Sharp looker.

Rather buy another Hissatsu 2 from CRKT. Nice little knife. You can remove the quick assist entirely (and but it back in) for states that assists are against the law (NYC-where showing the clip of a knife will get you arrested). Dual clip mounts for righty/lefty, point up/point down.

I’m a point up type of person and dont understand the point down conspiracy so I’ll skip this knife.

Let’s not forget the “flay” option.