Crock Pot 6 QT Collegiate Cook & Carry Crock Pot

Crock Pot 6 QT Collegiate Cook & Carry Crock Pot

No Clemson colors? I can’t believe the national champions aren’t represented here!

No Penn State? Sacrilege! JoePa is turning over in his grave. :rage:

Pretty light for anything west of the Mississippi.

Alas, licensing. Either our vendor doesn’t have the license or the licensing is too restrictive.

These are clearance, not a full list of all colleges. There’s no Virginia Tech, no Georgia Tech, and no of a whole bunch of other schools.

But I’ve got a friend who is a Kentucky fan, so there’s a good gift opportunity here.

Is the performance of the Crockpot relative to the performance of the respective football team?

Meaning… if you get a Kansas Jay Hawks Crockpot will you get food poisoning if you use it more than 3 times? & the Notre Dame Crockpot will just stop functioning right before the big game

Was that mean spirited?

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