Crock-Pot 6-Quart Slow Cooker

The cook time feature is a nice addition compared to the crock pots I own.

Crock pots are amazing. Put crap in crock pot in morning, turn on. Come back and the house smells amazing, and dinner is done!


Is the lid glass or plastic?

Glass lid.

What an awesome deal for a nice device. I wish to HELL I had not JUST bought one today that is not nearly as nice.

I have a 6-pound pork butt (stuffed with smoked sausage)slow cooking in apple juice right now. Tomorrow morning it will be the best pulled pork you EVER had!

Cant tell if it is oval or not. I want to be able to take the crockpot by itself without needing the base, and the lid doesn’t look like it matches.

Looking at it, it is a circle shaped crock pot rather than an oval that I am used to. This will make it a lot easier to cook things like whole hams.

$54 at Amazon, 4 stars. The lid is glass.

What’s your favorite meal to cook in a crockpot?

That’s the photo angle - it is oval and fits well.


$5 more and you can get the programmable version.

The lid looks like a circle but the pot looks oval. I wonder which it is.

Both look round to me.

EDIT: strike that–the description says oval.

I don’t “think” it’s glass, I know it’s glass. I also know it is oval. I have physically SEEN this unit and it is great.

I just didn’t want to pop for $50 for it, so I got a $30 one and wish I hadn’t. Of course, tomorrow when I am eating the “barbecue of the gods” I will be glad I did.

Mixed reviews with that one. Sometimes, manual works best.

Look at the manual (linked on the front page), I’m pretty sure it’s oval.

Helps to know you’ve seen it. Otherwise, I worry about misrepresenting the product. :slight_smile:

If you click the pic you will see all is round. Unless the round lid is an optical illusion. But I think it is the base unit that appears oval but is round.

On a sidenote, I have no idea how to use one of these. My friend swears by em, says he loads it up in the morning and dinner is ready at night.

Ditto on the scent. They come home and the house is filled with the aroma of delicious beef.

This design seems like a pretty inefficient use of space. The rectangular corners are ornamental and don’t serve any real purpose.

  1. Italian Goulash (tomato base with pork, beef and capers)

  2. Posolé (New Mexican style with red chile from Chimayo or green roasted Big Jim chile from Hatch)