Crock-Pot® Programmable 6-Quart Slow Cooker

Check it out at Amazon!. It comes in Red too.

I love my crock-pot. It is incredibly convenient; you can adapt lots of recipes for it (my mom showed me how to adapt Indian recipes) and it makes cooking so easy. Awesome deal for the programmable one.

Check out the manufacture Website!

I saw this at walmart for the same price without the s/h.

That Amazon one just has the simple dial… this one has digital readout and is programmable.

Ummmm…Amazon is selling it CHEAPER than Woot?

I don’t own this model, but I can tell you crock pots are awesome.

Dig on these:
Green Chili
Pulled pork
Pork tacos

There are even some dessert recipes out there.

$50 at B^3, but you have to pay shipping and tax so that adds up to ~ $65

I saw the 7 quart version at Target for the same price w/out the shipping too…

An even better reason to pick it up at woot!!

Oops, mine bad…there was one digit difference in the model number.

I’m all better. Also, I’ma order one.

I do disagree that a crockpot is a necessity. I recommend Pressure Cookers. They are much better.

Slow cookers make excellent baked potatoes. Much better than in an oven. Just wrap in foil, pierce with a fork, and cook for 8 hours on low. Its one of the few foods you can cook “dry” in a slow cooker. And you can even set it up the night before, then just turn in on in the morning.

Not the same (digital) item… but thanks for the waste of time.

Shrug Never said they were necessary, just awesome. =)

Pressure cookers scare me.

Apple, meet Orange. Orange, meet Apple.

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Correct amazon link

This is the same crock pot but with an added bonus dipper pot. Got a bad review.

Slow cookers serve a different purpose than pressure cookers, not to mention different methods.

The biggest convenience - you can throw everything into a slow cooker in the morning, turn it on, leave for work, and come home to a hot meal.