Crocs Golf Shoes

$200 retail for these?? It’s injected molded foam for god sake, no wonder they ended up here.

Besides from that they are noticeably light weight which will last for about 10-15 walking rounds, then they become super soft and very non supportive under foot. There are certainly other options since the sport of golf is struggling right now, tons of product available on the web, especially shoes.

I ordered these last week from Amazon (Golfio Inc) for $27. They run narrow in the toe box. Usually I can tolerate that but these are just too tight. Returning to Amazon and will continue my search.

I have a pair of the Crocs Karlson golf shoes and I’m still loving them in the second season. They are extremely comfortable and quite supportive. My only complaint is that they’re a tiny bit heavier than I’d like. But not a deal breaker.

These are all past models and they were never $200 anywhere. That is straight up wrong. Their priciest golf shoe has never been more than $130 and most are $100. Also, the new models all come in half sizes, which these don’t, and you don’t want to wear a golf shoe that is not just the right size.

Pass on these but the new models are worth a look.

Comfortable good looking shoe that I’ve gotten compliments on but I find they run small. Bought the 13 and it is snug.