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Crocs Kids's Crocband Clog


Our system encountered a glitch where it still shows the Add to Cart button, despite the sale being ended because we sold out of the Crocs. Y’all bought all the Crocs! And it broke our website!

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On app it’s not letting me select size or color :frowning: will try on laptop when I get home. Anyone else having trouble. Basically getting these to embarrass my sons….hopefully.


A fancy way of saying they’re out of stock, it looks like…


I am having the same issue. It says it out of stock in the cart. Who knows. Hopefully a glitch.

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Hey y’all! There is a glitch in the system and we’re working on it right now. We’ll provide an update soon.

UPDATE: We were able to get more inventory and now select styles and sizes are available. While supplies last!

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Are these sold out? Or is there another glitch?

I am having the same issue. Won’t let me choose anything. It doesn’t say SOLD OUT either.

UPDATE: I just tried from my laptop and the “ADD TO CART” sign is glowing and I still can’t choose anything.

Apparently this is still glitching…

I reached out, we’ll get it fixed soon.



As y’all know, we’ve had a glitch on this sale throughout the day where it is showing the Add to Cart button, even though you can’t add anything to the cart. We took down the live sale, but since it’s still accessible here, I wanted to make this post. Y’all love Crocs so much that you broke the sale! But yes, we are officially sold out!!!
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Thanks for the update. boo on being sold out. I was just trying to get my kid a pair.


Oh no! We sold out rather quickly, had an inventory refill several hours ago, and then sold out again all while the website was not playing nice. Kinda wild. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we sold these again in the next month so be on the lookout!

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Thanks, I will watch. I saw last night and forgot about it until now to check if we needed a new pair. My fault for waiting.

Of course I have been trying like a crazy
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Thanks for the explanation. I will keep my eyes open for the next sale. :eyes:

These were the cutest Crocs I have seen. No wonder they flew. But Crocs seem to be saunas for bare feet compared to any other sandals I have worn. How do people wear them? Thick absorbent socks?