Crosley Turntables - Your Choice

Crosley Turntables - Your Choice

I should have paid more attention to the reviews on this product.
It is a fantastic looking product, it has features that I looked forward to being able to put to good use. I have always thought that Crosley was a fine producer of quality products.
I was thoroughly disappointed on all counts, except that it WAS a FANTASTIC LOOKING product!!
It refused to work straight out of the box, although it was supposed to be brand NEW, it was missing the manual, 45 adapter, CD, and USB cable. While after plugging in the power adapter the power light did turn on, nothing else happened. I downloaded the manual from the product website and followed all the instructions, and nothing that was suggested helped or made any difference.

I contacted customer service and received the customary apology and the RMA, and instructions that I would receive a email instructing how to return the product.
I did receive the email as stated. It stated that I would receive a email from UPS with a return label to affix to the package to ship back, and to include inside the box, and a link to UPS in the event that I don’t receive a email from them.
Well, so far, NO email from UPS (no surprise), and the link to UPS doesn’t get me anywhere but to a generic login screen. Thank you CS. The problem with UPS is another matter all together, and I will deal with that separately as usual.

Dear Woot / Amazon, please bring your CS back to the U.S.A., I had to keep asking your very courteous and kind customer service representative to repeat himself because his VERY thick accent was, for me, extremely difficult to understand.

Unfortunately, my shopping quality with woot has seen a sharp denigration over the past couple of years, and I’m having to make an adjustment to the types of merchandise that I chose to purchase on here, to less technical products and to more run-of-the-mill non technical products which I will have less concern over functionality about.
It seems that overall products in general have less quality in their production today than five to eight years ago in the electronics world on average anyway, and they are marketed that way as a planed strategy. It used to be called “planned obsolesce”, and I believe it’s still in practice.

Hello there. I’m sorry for the lack of the label. Did you check your spam/junk folders? I’ll check in with CS none-the-less.

Our CS teams, regardless of the location or nationality, are very good and work hard to make sure our customers are taken care of.

Here is an “update” to my experience on this Turntable “return”, I have received a response from the the CS people, and here was my interaction:

"Thank you ____, it was NOT in my “Junk/Spam” folder, I always check that possibility, I just never received anything from UPS from the start. I have now in fact received your “resent” email via UPS, so, thank you for doing that for me. I was just getting ready to place a follow up call to try to remedy the situation.
It’s nice to see Woot’s customer service on top of everything, as has been my experience with Woot so far, Bravo! "

My complaint was NOT that they don’t work hard nor take care of customer concerns, it was that on occasion the language barrier is VERY difficult and can be an obstacle to a smooth transaction, and make solving the concern more difficult.
However, difficulties aside, I have always found Woot’s customer service representatives to be some of the MOST courteous and helpful in the business, bar none.
I, however, am still of the belief that companies based in the U.S, should have their Customer Service systems based IN the U.S. as a matter of basic consumer consideration and support, to me it’s a “moral thing”.