Crosman Airsoft Stuff



Is there anything missing from your Airsoft collection in here?




You need a tactical vest, come on woot! Gotta have something to carry extra BBs… Also, anything worth having… The shotgun might be kind of cool… Sorry, my adult airsofter (milsim) is taking over. It’s all fine stuff for kids. Really, though, tactical vests help you carry your stuff around, and helps the kids get into it by letting them dress up a little.


A bullet proof vest for your kid to wear in the likely event that some crazy will think it’s the real thing.


Why is there no shipping to Illinois?

As far as I know only Chicago and a couple other cities restrict Airsoft, not the entire state.


That face mask is scary enough to just wear around the house and scare the dogs with. My chihuahuas will love it.


is it opposite day? did the gun bans not happen?



For the modders out there, cheap and easy full auto mod for the pistol. Careful with the Buckyballs, though, because they are super dangerous.

Any one else read Cracked?


ERmagahhhd Assault WEAPONS!!!


I am buying 3 of the R39s. It has a detachable magazine, pistol grip and collapsible stock, therefore making it a VERY DANGEROUS TOY…It is only a matter of time before these will be outlawed! Stock up!!


now that’s a quality post if I ever saw one…


I got shot with one of these once. They are ASSAULT WEAPONS!!! BAN THEM!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah… these things may be fun until some one get nervous & shows up with real guns. Not good toys for kids.


Which is why each sale says:

Warning: Airguns and airsoft guns are not toys and are recommended for use by those 16 years of age or older. Adult supervision is required. Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury. Do not brandish or display your airgun/airsoft gun in public. It may confuse people and it may be a crime. Police and others may think an airgun/airsoft gun is a firearm. Do not change the coloration or markings to make it look more like a firearm. Buyer and user should conform to all laws governing the use and ownership of their airgun/airsoft gun. The person handling the airgun/airsoft gun and anyone nearby should always wear protective eyewear. Read all instructions before using. Always use care and shoot safely.


All good reasons to not let your kid have one. But nobody is listening…


Next time, why don’t you just decline to sell something you don’t agree with philosophically, or delay if you have the “too soon?” feeling. I am a big fan of this site and your usually funny snarky comments, but your unfunny opinion and distaste for the product comes through loud and clear. I am also a fan of Airsoft products and would be purchasing if you offering something I didn’t already have.


Why don’t you ship airsoft guns to NJ? They are legal here. You can buy them in stores with no restrictions. There are some idiot politicians that want to change that but they haven’t been successful.


Please take note of the international orange paint on the tips of airsoft guns. Remove them at your own risk.