Crosman M4 .177 BB/Pellet Rifle Kit with Scope

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Crosman M4 .177 BB/Pellet Rifle Kit with Scope
Price: $59.99
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Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page and pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at

My grandson would love that!

WOW TC rabbit on gun page ;)))

Darn…was hoping it was gas and metal construction, not plastic and pump (metal barrel alone doesn’t count).

My neighbor’s dogs bark a lot, will this hurt them just enough or too much?

you could break the skin and cause an infection.

Woot, you guys put the carry handle/rear sight on backwards in your picture! Might wanna fix that next time.


Looks like scope is mounted backward.

With a velocity of up to 625 feet per second, this rifle will hardly disturb a ground hog raiding your tomato patch at 75 to one hundred feet.

Maybe they wanted an extra challenge. “Wow, when I look through it this way everything looks really far away!”

Laughing - good one.

My neighbor just about killed my dog with a pellet gun. Two surgeries and a painful recovery for the dog, $3,000.00 in vet bills for me.

I’m pretty sure there’s a better solution than shooting dogs who are just being dogs.

(edit: forgot a word or two)

For barking dogs you need a blowgun. You can shoot paintballs or plastic slug darts and merely sting the poor thing.

+1 on the rear sight/carry handle and the scope being mounted backwards in the photo. A little embarrassing!

Hey all! Thanks for posting about the backwards mounted scope. I sent a note to the team.

UPDATE: The photos should be OK now.

Gee … what a wonderful, considerate, empathetic, reasonable person you must be to consider shooting a dog for barking.

You’re a model for us all.

If your neighbor’s dog barks all the time, discuss it with your neighbor, don’t take it out on the dog, it’s only doing it because it thinks it’s okay, and was never taught otherwise.

Take note that this gun is based off of the Crosman 760 pump master that has been around for decades. I had one as a kid. This gun is all plastic, and pretty cheap feeling, but it’s accurate and should be reliable if treated properly.

For the same price you can get higher quality pellet guns or pellet pistols, but this is a great gun to start out with if you’re just getting into airgunning.

As all the warnings say, do not ever shoot this at humans, dogs, fish, or other domesticated animals. It may be used for hunting small game up close, like rabbit, squirrel, and birds, but you need to hit their brain to be humane about it.