Crosman M4 .177 BB/Pellet Rifle Kit with Scope

You might try a “pain gun”. It puts out a piercing high frequency sound that only dogs can hear. If the dog associates audio pain whenever it barks, it might stop barking. Tried one once on my neighbor’s barking dog as a kid and the dog immediately turned and ran away.

I am a gun owner and an avid 2nd Amendment supporter. That said:

To anyone familiar at all with firearms, this thing is obviously a toy. To all other people with non-discerning eyes, though, this looks like a deadly “assault weapon”! Therefore, depending on what part of country you live in, and whether you are city or rural, consider whether or not you want your child/youth to be carrying around something that to the untrained eye looks so realistic. There was an incident a few months back where a teenager was gunned down by some cops because he turned around too fast when they called to him. He was carrying an Airsoft rifle they mistook for a real gun. If I got this rifle, I would wrap yellow fluorescent tape all around it to help show it’s not a dangerous gun. And I would be careful about letting my kid carry it around, again depending on where I lived.

The dog will become injured, involving a vet visit, they will find the pellet. If anyone ever sees the pellet gun ever, you’re going to have to explain the fact that you bought a pellet gun just before the neighbor’s dog was injured.

Oh, and it’s bad karma to be a dick to animals.

While you make a fair point about it looking realistic, this is not a toy, and could seriously injure or kill someone. Airguns are actually quite powerful, and can cause a lot of damage, but can be a great way to teach gun handling basics to younger people or those who have no experience with guns, since they have less kickback, and are generally easier to shoot than actual firearms.

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I am a gun owner and an avid 2nd Amendment supporter.

Guns are what make America special.

Cant buy because I’m stuck in NJ sigh, I want to move out.

I have this “toy” gun. For anyone who says it’s simply a toy, it’s not. If you put enough pumps in this, it would actually kill a dog depending on the shot placement. It… is not a “toy”.

Fair enough, agreed.


I’d dare anyone to give my grandson anything that resembled a assault weapon. I’m surprises woot sells this crap. Closing my Woot account and Amazon account too while I am at it.

I need one.
Took me 3 years to train a few squirrels to come eat out of my hand, but when I am busy I put the nuts in the fork of a tree for them.
The old mama squirrel has had 3 generations of babies so far.
Yet, every time I put the nuts in the tree fork for them I get black grackel birds, fat bluejays and other birds that fly in and steal all the nuts and it’s getting to become expensive to keep bags of peanuts in stock for the squirrels.

You’re closing your account because they dare to sell a product that you don’t want? This weapon is not made for little children.

Carry Handle is still backwards.

An assault weapon is a weapon used for assault.
An id10t is someone like you who over-reacts (or more likely threatens to over-react since your account is still open) in an attempt to get others to conform to their uneducated biased views that will never change despite massive amounts of evidence to the contrary.
$20 says you probably have a “9-11 was an inside job” bumper sticker on your Subaru.
$10 says your grandson would love this air rifle and thinks you’re an id10t as well.

(editted, Woot turns the normal spelling of id10t to party foul, hence the alphanumeric spelling).

I would buy one of them just to spite the above quoted “jerkface” (as woot suggests I refer to him") but my RWS 48 would be insulted.
Ladies and gentleman, this air rifle should NOT be used to shoot ANY living creature. It’s simply NOT ENOUGH GUN. Fun target practice with paper targets, sure.
THIS is what it’s made for.
PS: “runestrom”, I’m not going to miss you.

I have an idea pump it up a few times give to your neighbor let him shoot you in the ass with it and let us know how it works out for you.

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Young man, 13 years old, shot and killed because police officer thought it was the real deal! Don’t buy this!

  1. If you’re going to say it, link to it.

  2. Anyone willing to give this to their kid and allow them to run around in public with it, is just looking for trouble. It is not for use in any public area unless hunting with a permit and already of-age.

Don’t shoot at this squarryl.
I probably have much more ammunition than you.

I’d let the dog pump it a few times and shoot the neighbor in the ass and see if he barks.

Just noted a small discrepancy - the item is listed as the “Crosman M4-177KT” (which is an all-black model), yet the photos show the tan/black model which is the “Crosman M4-177TKT” (note the extra ‘T’).

Anyone at Woot able to let us know which it really is? Won’t affect me as I already ordered, but am curious nonetheless.