Crosman Stinger R39 Airsoft Rifle



I was just about to buy the pants. What happened?


So how does Airsoft compare to paintball? I don’t really understand how the whole airsoft thing works.


Soldout… sorry. Can I interest you in an airsoft gun?

Sidenote, we should have some orders that don’t go through, so I’ll throw up the remnants later.


Like paintball without the mess, but also without the proof of being hit… So…it’s like paintball, but on the honor system!

pew! pew!
“Hey, I shot you.”
“Mom! Billy’s cheating!”


I’d appreciate that. I’m a size xsmall or small. I’ll take either style. It’s much appreciated.


I don’t understand - it says spring power, but I don’t see any kind of action/slide.

Are we talking single shot, semi-auto or full-auto?

Not that it matters much as my state is on the “ONOZ NO FAKE GUNZ!” list.


Airsoft is more “realistic” “roleplaying” where as paintball is more of a serious sport. To put it bluntly. I bought a Airsoft guns years ago, $100+ each and they are great fun and a hit at family parties. Everyone loves to shoot at cans or old fruit in the back yard!


To put the power of this thing is perspective, a small rabbit killing pellet gun is about 1200fps, plus those are shooting metal. These light plastic pellets can sting at close range, but anything farther than 20ft with clothing on is like getting a tap on the shoulder. I had bought my little brothers guns that shot around 600fps which stung but were much more fun to play around with.


i can’t believe woot! won’t ship these to NJ. Amazon sells them to NJ! these are available off the shelf, in front of the counter in all hobby and sporting goods stores. i know that pellet/bb guns require a firearms id card (and a pistol permit for bb/pellet pistols!). Anyone know why?


I go airsofting every weeekend, I can give you guys some perspective on whether or not to buy this gun.

This gun is spring powered. Therefore everytime you want to fire you must reload the spring. This is usually accomplished in carbine style rifles by pulling the cocking lever back every single time.

This is a huge disadvantage in actual matches. Players usually used weapons powered by batteries or green gas (propane) These weapons are usually automatic and therefore do not need to be cocked every single round.

This is more of a backyard plinker toy. Don’t bring it to games unless you want to be at a huge disadvantage.


Can this be shipped to Canada. I know we sell them here, but not at this price.



How exactly will it work if there are orders that don’t go through? Will I or may I please get email notification?


Pretty good (4.4 out of 5.0) reviews over at amazon


solid (4 out of 5 stars) reviews over at


We don’t have a notification system in place, but keep an eye out for a future Woot Plus apparel event that we will use for any remnants.


Even though my zip code wasn’t on the banned list, I was still denied. Boo hiss! I wanna shoot things, too.