Crosman TR 77 Air Rifle and Scope



Insert Political Crap Else Where!

Tempting to buy.


You’ll shoot your eye out.


Where’s the compass or the thingy that tells time?

Bracing for the wave of, “how dare you sell a gun…blah, blah, blah” from the people that forget guns have been necessary to secure and maintain freedom throughout the history of our republic.


Where is the .45cal version?

I think there is an error in the description. This has a scope, not a fiber-optic front sight.

edit: yeah, I double checked. I see no iron sights (nor fiber), just like the Gamo Varmint–scope only.

[MOD: The features are straight from the Crosman site. Update: Buyer agrees; it’s removed from features. THANKS!]


It’s about time you stop selling products that you can’t sell to a huge portion of the population of this country!!!

Not to mention that you’re contributing to the violence and mayhem in this country. But forgetting about politics and what’s right and wrong for a second, as a business you need to get your asses working on getting products anyone in the country can buy!!!


I’m going to get some popcorn…


I wish I had a place to shoot this. I know I would raise a few eyebrows having this in my backyard. Hmmmm


PLEASE be careful if you get one…a 10 yr old just died getting shot accidentally by his buddy who tought the thign was not loaded…SUPERVISE and i you point? assume its loaded!!! TY
Google Tollhouse, Ca


Louie: Uh-oh, he’s got a Daisy!
Tony: We’d better scram. Eighteen more pumps – that could
break the skin.

Oh, break barrel. Too bad.


It is nice to know I cannot buy this.


Woot sells wine. Alcohol ‘contributes to violence’ not to mention health risks when used improperly.

And not everyone can buy wine, but that’s ok. I see you brought your own.


Looks like Woot put their big boy pants on! Good for them. Also, to anyone that says they prefer the .22 over the .177, realize that ALL target competitions on Earth ONLY allow .177. Also, the fps of this gun won’t go above the speed of sound (1,100 fps at sea level) which is good because any round hitting the sound barrier suffers horribly in accuracy. So this is a fantastic rifle! Cheapest rounds, perfect fps, looks cool, and price is right.


A pellet rifle…SINGLE SHOT pellet rifle does NOT contribute to gun violence. No one can go on a shooting spree with a SINGLE SHOT pellet rifle. Also, WOOT does NOT sell actual firearms.


Ohhhh thems fightin’ words there. If only there was some way you two could settle th…

Over 1000fps? That’s as fast as THUNDER!


wait a minute…this looks like an assault rifle…oh well, I will just put it next to the L96a1 and my M95 Barrett. Maybe you can sell a Crossbow next?


There are 7 other Woot! sites listed across the top of this page. For one night the state you live in has a law that does not allow Woot! to ship one item to there, and you reply with this?


What is your objection to owning and hunting with a crossbow?


Perfect for those situations where raccoon bandits are holding squirrels hostage after attempting a nut robbery.


Thanks to stick-in-the-mud buzzkilling state legislators, this cannot be delivered to the following states:

Yeah I’ll second that…

Somehow I cant have this shipped to my door but I can go to the local sporting goods store and buy it off the shelf?

What the hell? Can I ship this to my friend in the next state over?