Crosman TR77 Air Rifle and Scope

I got a pair of these last time. Love em for what they are.

just as deadly as a real rifle.

So you pump it to compress the air for shooting. No CO2 cartridges?

Correct no co2. Love mine. Def not as deadly as a real rifle.

To the prairie dog rodents out here they are :slight_smile:

At 1000 fps and depending what part of the body you shoot at, I’d say it’s pretty deadly, it’s NOT a toy.

Nitro Silent Model coming soon.

Quite possibly at a good range. Have not tested mine out beyond 50yds yet. Scope that it comes with is garbage. Adjustability issues with mine.

agreed, a fixed 4x scope is worthless on this. Place a 3-9x40 and havent had any issues.

paintball is much more fun and less deadly :slight_smile: at 300 fps.

With the right barrel paintball can sound almost as loud as a real gun.

No crap. Did not see where it says it is a toy. If it was as deadly as a “real rifle” you could assume it can take a deer out at 100yds. That I would love to see.

if you don’t need a license & background check then it’s sold as a recreational item.

Can it be deadly? Yes. So can a pocket knife which by the way is more deadly than this air rifle!

So, recreational item = toy. Ok. Still not as deadly as a kitchen knife or hammer.

I love the gun. If I bring my AR out this comes with me. Fun, little loud but not for the price.

I hate when people talk about what they don’t know. It is just as deadly for maybe a rodent.

A kitchen knife is deadly, a baseball bat is deadly, a pellet gun is deadly, yada-yada. Can’t we all…just…get along? ; )

You forgot a bowl of cereal.

There are many cereal killers out there ya know. Please be more sensitive next time you post.